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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wednesday Post-Apocalyptic Coffee Musings

Wednesday Post-Apocalyptic Coffee Musings

Is it over?

Even when I'm enjoying my coffee I have to look up every now and then for falling hail.

Seriously, that was intense last night. The hail was making a thunderous rumble throughout the entire place.

I swore that if I saw locusts then I knew it would definitely be the end of days.
I would have broken out the good alcohol. 😁


Severe t-storms are forecast for tonight too. I'm going to the supermarket to get some bread and milk! 😬🤣

If you had a long running streak going and you had a tornado warning at 11:45PM, would you go out for a run?
Would you put your life in jeopardy to keep a streak alive?


My Ironman Ireland training is drawing to a close! One long 35 mile run with the club this Saturday (RVRR Train Run) and two consecutive 50 mile rides next week and I'm into my taper!

It's been great. In some aspects I'm living my life as I did in my 20s again. I'm back in excellent shape and I have the mental confidence that I had back then.
I regained some of my old swagger that I did back then.

I still have to do the race itself, but in some aspects, the race is the culmination and the celebration of the work I put in. I always tell that to my athletes right before their races, but this year just drove home the whole point again.

For any athlete, just to be able to toe the start line means he or she already has the confidence to finish the race.

That's a victory right there.

Finishing the race is just the cherry on top.


I want to congratulate everyone who participated in the Tuesday track training program this spring. The program drew to a close last night.

A lot of people have told me that they have already seen great results of the program. That makes me extremely happy.

Just a mention to paid #RVRR members that next Tuesday (June 4) at Donaldson Park is the Pre-Summer Series Prediction Run at Donaldson Park at 7PM. Tim Morgan will be there to direct the run.

Basically each runner guesses the time he or she will finish, then run the 5k XC course. No watches would be allowed.

Whoever comes close to his or her predicted time will be the winner and will receive a gift certificate.

The following Tuesday, June 11, is the first Summer Series race. Everyone is encouraged to register! Here is the link:


Lastly, there will be a fall marathon track program, starting in August. With all the travel I'm doing, I'll be busy trying to arrange a schedule that will work. All those who have participated in the past will be updated by email.

If you are new to the program and have a marathon or a half marathon in the fall and want to excel at it, you can PM me so that I can put you on the list.

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