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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tuesday Breezyday Coffee Musings

Tuesday Breezyday Coffee Musings

Just got back from a nice 8 mile run in Clove Lakes Park.

Shout out to Margaret J Marrano who was also running in the park. Glad you took advantage of the cooler day today.

Well, they managed to take a finish line picture of me at the President's Cup 5K race on Sunday. The pic is shown below.

What a sorry, sorry picture of me. 🤣

Looks like I have the thousand yards stare there. Damn,

It could be worse. I could be bleeding out of my eyes and foaming at the mouth. 🙃

Anyway, they haven't linked the bib numbers to the pics, so doing a automatic "search" won't work. You'll need to search manually if you did the race; that is, peruse through all the photos to see if you're there.


My season, believe it or not has started. This is the "final approach" for Ironman Ireland.

This Sunday (5/26) is the 2.4 mile Navesink Swim.

I am so looking forward to this!

I'm in the best swimming shape in at least a decade. I think it's time to flaunt it in competition. 😁

Let me know who else is joining me for a nice swim!


The following week is the #RVRR Training Run. I'm running 34.6 miles but I've decided to be very cautious just 3 weeks before Ironman and join the 10:30 pace group.
I normally take part in the 9:30 pace group.
I do not want to jeopardize my chances at Ironman. At least I know I'll recover quickly with the slower pace.

Last race before Ironman is the New Milford 5K. It's only 1 week before Ironman so again I'll keep it a bit slower in this race.
It's a Master's Men Championship, so I'll be slated for the 40s team only. Sorry Robert Tona (50s men's captain), it's still a week before my 50th birthday. Yeah, the timing sucks, but at least you know you'll have me on your team after this race. Charles Wellman (40s men's captain), I'll be registering for New Milford today, so write me in for that race.
I'll be on both the 40s and 50s team come the autumn racing season.


I might try my hands in a fall marathon. Wineglass looks like a possibility. So is Steamtown.
One race I don't want to do is Philly. Call it "course fatigue." I've done it too many times.
It's about time I try a different course.

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