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Saturday, October 31, 2020

 "Oh you're selfish, only worried about the economy."

"Oh, you're selfish, only thinking of yourself & not wearing your mask."

"Oh you're selfish not taking that
#Covid19 #vaccine."

Yes, I'm selfish.

I'm selfish because I need to make sure I'm secure in my own way before I can start thinking of other people.

I'm selfish because I have to make sure I have the ability to put food on the table so that I have the ability to give to others.

I'm selfish because I need to make sure my #health isn't adversely affected before I even consider wearing #masks for others.

We need to be secure in our own right so that we *can* give to others. If we're secure financially & #fitness -wise, we can continue to give to others for a long time.

If we are not selfish & sacrifice our finances & health to others, we will be gone. Then who will support those that need help?

Only when we improve ourselves FIRST can we be there to improve others. 

Friday, October 30, 2020

Don't Try to Wait For Things To Happen, MAKE Them Happen!

 I *almost* stopped myself from #running!

It's raining hard here in the Northeast US, and it's 45 degrees, not a nice day to do anything besides running.

But learning one of life's lessions, I know I can't wait for perfect conditions to seize the #opportunity. Because more likely than not, those perfect conditions might not come at all.

Sometimes it's good to go ahead despite the conditions and adjust to the conditions when needed.

Instead of waiting for an opportunity, I would *create* my own opportunities.

So I got outside and ran my 6 miles. And it was a GREAT run!

A little microcosm of life. If you're looking to start a business or make a big decision, it might be more feasible to start now instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity. It's a leap of faith you might be grateful you took later.

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