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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Sunny Wednesday Coffee Musings

☕☕Sunny Wednesday Coffee Musings☕☕

I want to send a shout out to Bob Orazem.

He got into a cycling accident last week and broke a lot of ribs in the process. He's okay and recovering.

He's been a fixture in Staten Island sports here and I see him cycling in Great Kills Park a lot.

Bob, get recovered quickly. Gotta see you back in the saddle soon!


I developed a frame for the Navesink Swim 2 days ago and it was finally approved last night. It looks quite good. The only small fault is that the date is on the frame. If you want a frame to be reused for several years it helps to take the date off.

It's on my profile picture now.

If anyone is swimming Navesink you can definitely use the frame. All you have to do is type in "Navesink" and it should come up. :-)


Park Pub after tonight's club run. Yeah, I'll be there.

Dive nonsense, no fluff, cheap beverages, good food. Can't get better than that!


If 26.2 beer is the thing now, they should diversify their brews and expand out to the different distances.

I would figure 13.1 beer would be the brand that Utah accepts, with only half the alcohol content as the 26.2.

The 3.1 would be the non-alcoholic brand of beer. I figure those 5k runners who drink it would keep their speed up without the alcohol to slow them down.

On the other end of the spectrum, the 50 and the 62 beers would be the heavier "craft beers" with the higher alcohol content. The runners who do those distances would need the extra alcohol to numb the pain over the long distance.

And the 100 beer? A stout beer with an ultra high alcohol content. Those ultrarunners need a quick-acting concoction when they hallucinate at 3 in the morning.

Then there's the special Yoshiko Jo 530 beer that is only out for this time of year. I figure it would be a really potent 100 proof beer for those who actually start thinking running for 10 days straight might actually be a sane thing to do. 🤣

Love ya Yoshiko! Congrats on the 10 day 530 mile achievement!

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