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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Goal Oriented! Yes, Men Are Tools, They Need To Be Used To Feel Productive

Most men need to be healthy and be productive in order to be happy. I know it's an insult in some ways, but we're tools. 😁

I mean it as a compliment though! We need to give ourselves goals so that we, as tools, can be used to work towards that goal.


We're only useful when we are being used. Not that kind of used! But used in a productive way in which we are proud of our results.

A lot of men have lost that usefulness in 2020 as their goals were either destroyed by government lockdowns or forcibly modified as a result of this "new normal." As with the former, we are goal oriented creatures, and we lose that motivation when the goal is removed. A tool that just sits there isn't making itself useful. As with the latter, sometimes the new goals don't reflect what we are used to doing, and we feel at best awkward when trying for these modified goals. Using a knife to loosen a screw doesn't work very well, doesn't it; a knife is used in cutting things.

During this period, a lot of men have either given up to despair or have committed suicide, feeling their lack of usefulness in society. This is where some intervention is necessary.

I lost two longtime friends to suicide last year; one was such a shock because he ran a very successful personal training business. Being forced to close down his studio must have been such a blow to him that he might have felt there was nothing else to do. He did pour his time and effort into that business to the point where it defined him. Take away his business and I guess his soul was taken from him.

Although I don't have a studio, I am associated with a couple of gyms. Most of the time, my appointments were personal, either making house calls or having a session in a park or a beach. With this Covid Panic last year, "personal" was thrown out the window. So I'm converting the business to a virtual format.

One of my normal beach sessions turned virtual; seems like a nice setting to use.

It's been awkward at times, like that knife being asked to loosen screws. But I'm slowly coming around to adopting the 21st century tech to go virtual.

And as a result of the loss I felt from my friends' suicides, I want to reach out to others who might feel lost with this new paradigm. We're not alone, and that if you need any advice, don't hesitate to contact me or other people in your life. Sometimes it takes a simple evaluation of all of your talents to figure out what might work for you from here forward.

The sooner you can re-evaluate yourself and establish new goals and start moving forward on them, the less you'll feel useless, get yourself into despair, and minimize your chance of getting suicidal tendencies.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Groundhog Day Winter Storm Run - Be A Child Again!

 When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.

Two straight days of snow to start my least favorite month of the year. But, instead of lamenting missing my chance to move to a warmer clime, it's time to embrace it and have a little fun.

Yesterday's 4.5 mile run was in a storm that was ramping up. This morning's 6.5 mile run was in a storm that was winding down. No worries about pacing, or speed, or intervals. Just get out there, have fun at an easy pace (that's about all we can do anyway in the ice and snow), and embrace my inner child.

That, and the 2 hours of shoving two feet of wet, heavy snow afterwards made for very productive morning. And a hot chocolate for my reward after all is done!

I'm 51 years old turning 3 again. 😜

(bad lighting, but this is a picture of me wearing my Dunkin/NYC Marathon hat, balaclava for the wind, 2 layers above and below the for the cold, and good trail shoes for traction. I was nice and toasty for the run)

Thursday, December 31, 2020

We Need Strong People - Tips For Surviving 2021, Especially For Men

Oh boy, I saw some 2021 predictions and I'm just shaking my head. All rosy. The economy is going to turn around, things will look better in the latter part of the year "if everyone does his or her part" in the pandemic.

Yeah, obey your government, slave, and maybe we'll be merciful enough to get that jackboot off your face!

Remember the Grand Cycle:

Good Times -->Weak Men-->Bad Times-->Strong Men-->Good Times

If you take a look at the screeching bunch of adult children coming out of University who can leave their safe space and compare that to men the same age storming the beaches of Normandy and into certain death, you'll definitely understand.

We have a lot of weak people. A lot of these betas are in position of power right now; we're definitely in for some rough times.

2021 will be worse. Prepare for it.

But in the carnage of our Old Normal, the process has begun to weed out the Strong Men from the weak. Will you be one of them?

I've listed some general advice on how to survive and maybe even get ahead in 2021.

There are 6 points here. That's it. I'm not going to bother trying to round it out to 10 because it looks good. Here goes.

Get healthy!

1) When all else fails, always fall back onto your health!!!

If your business closed down permanently and you had to take that shit job at Amazon, don't give up hope. Improve on your health!!! Walk for 30 minutes a day, lift those weights, lose the pounds, and you'll gain enough confidence to lift yourself out of the hole. That confidence spreads to all aspects of your life outside of your health, and will give you the swagger to get another business started, land a good paying job, etc.

Do something you love to do.


2) Find a hobby you love that might give you some earning potential, and develop it further.

Giving yourself a large project with a difficult but doable goal will help give you the focus you need to tackle all aspects of your life. Fix up a car, improve on a room in your house, do some needed repairs, etc...the possibilities are endless. Men are always goal-oriented creatures, and by giving yourself a worthy goal, you'll keep giving yourself a sense of purpose in life. And it's an amazing feeling when you actually hit that goal!

Faceturd and Twatter are a waste of time.

3) Stop wasting time on social media and news sites on the internet!

A minute spent checking up on a friend posting his bowel movement on Facebook is definitely a productive minute wasted from your life. The 24 hour news cycle isn't that much better either. In the past we had the 6PM local news, the 6:30PM National news, and that was it. Keep yourself updated with events, of course, but that can easily be done in 1 hour instead of 6 hours each day.

Self Explanatory.

4) Don't spend too much time pursuing women.

I'm going to get some hate mail for this, but it has to be said. Wasting good chunks of time texting women, writing to them, in the hopes of getting a date with them will only result in disappointment. Women are hardwired to consider these men weak and will often put you off that way. Instead, spend time to improve your health, get financially stable or even wealthy, get your confidence in yourself up, and the women will actually come to you. And I don't think the women can deny this either.


Better think outside the box.


5) Be resourceful. Now might be the time to think outside the box.

Even though the jackboot of government is in the process of killing your small business during this Great Hysteria, doesn't mean that it's down for the count. I've transformed my business from a gym-centric one to a remote and residence-based business to get around the restrictions.

The other way is to team up with other small businesses and openly flout the restrictions. As a strong, united front against tyranny, you can get the government to back down. You'll take your lumps in terms of fines or arrests, but strong, free men never look for approval from the government, right? Stay strong, and your business might just survive.

Help yourself first.

6) For the Family Men - Always Put Yourself FIRST Before Providing For Your Family

Another controversial topic that might get some hate mail, but reading into it, you are going this FOR your family because you want to be there for them in the long haul. If you stay fit and work your butt off to improve in your work, you'll be in a POSITION OF STRENGTH to keep helping out your family over the long haul.

On the other hand, if you neglect your health and your diet in favor of your family first, you'll be a blubbering, obese mess before you know it, or in the grave, and you certainly cannot help your family that way, can you?

A sure way I do this is to set aside the first task each morning for me only! Go out and run for 30-60 minutes, lift some weights, even work on a project for 30-60 minutes also. Don't make it more than 60 minutes though; the object is to set the right tone for the rest of the day. Once you're done after 60 minutes you can definitely attend to your family's needs.

That's about it. If you have any questions or comments, let me know.

Have a Dutiful and Strong New Year.

Coach Iron Pete

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Without Conspiracy Theories, Why I'm Not Taking the Covid Vaccine

 I'm an Individualist & libertarian, so I won't be forcing anyone to not take the #vaccine.


The choice is ultimately up to you.

The other side, however, will be forcing the issue, & will be using HEAVY psychology, aimed at "conspiracy theories"; 5G, nanobots, depopulation, etc.

If you have a talk with a doctor, or even a friend, best not go there. Instead, I use hard data from the #cdc itself to justify not getting the it.

First, the 0.02% fatality rate is a good start. Even healthy 70 yr olds have a 95% survival rate!

Second, health is a huge factor (2.6 avg co-morbidities, CDC data). I'm in great health.

Third, I feel the #vaccines are more risky than the #virus itself. They have no long term data, in which #BigPharma admits to, especially when they are immune from liability.

Last, the "do it for others" argument. Most people at high risk are in poor health. Most of them never did ANYTHING for their health. No exercise, lots of fast food, no personal responsibility, and now they want me to "take the hit" for them? Nope!

Listen, if it comes down to "herd immunity", I'll be more than willing to help there. Just put me in the same room as an infected individual, I'll then self-isolate for several days and I'll get immunity that way. Problem solved.

But if you're going to try to force or coerce me into taking a vaccine with no long term data, then I have a big problem with that. A very big problem.

I sure hope we don't get to that scenario.

#novaccineforme #pandemic #covid19

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas People! Remember to Give Yourself The Best Present To Yourself!

 Merry Christmas people! Remember to give the first and best gift to the most important person in your life...yourself!

Get your lazy ass out of bed!

Go for a short run, lift some weights, work on your core. Work on a side project for an hour. Always improve on yourself. Then join your family for your festivities.

You need to be a bit selfish so that you can ultimately be selfless. If you're fit and confident, you can more easily support those you love.

There's my gift to you!

🎁 πŸŽ„Coach Iron Pete, NASM, USAT Fitness and Life Coach, Go Farther Sports πŸŽ… ❄️

#merrychristmas #christmas #holidays #fitness #health #parler #parlerusa #gofarthersports

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Small Business Owners - It's Time To Be Strong And Defy The Lockdowns

My video is at the link here:

According to a survey by the New York State Restaurant Association, more than half of the restaurants are in danger of closing.

The link is here:

If you own a restaurant, a gym, a salon, or other business that is deemed "non-essential" by your mayor or governor, it's past time for us to band together, do the bold thing, and just open up.

It is not the governor's authority to tell you to shut down your business. It is not the governor or mayor's authority to make law. That rests with the legislatures of each state and locality. Governors and mayors are executives and under the constitution, they only CARRY OUT the law, not make them.

Here is a video by the Peggy Hall, the Healthy American about government's limited role under the Constitution and your rights. Please Listen to her!!! Link:

It's time to act. It's either push back or be in ruin. You need to decide, now!

Referenced: Atilla's Gym in NJ. The gym remains open in defiance of NJ Governor Murphy's unconstitutional orders. Yes, the gym has racked up over $1 million in fines, but the owners know the charges are illegal. They called the governor's bluff on this, they know their rights, and they're forging ahead. Murphy cannot do a damn thing! Good for them!

I am also a small business and even though I have no gym, my business is adversely affected by the lockdowns (races are cancelled, gyms I associate with are closed, etc) and do seek to end the restrictions of the state and local governments as well. I've had to make several major adjustments to keep my head above water, with remote training and programs aiming to get people fit to ward off a virus, or at least not worry about it much if infected.

I think it's better to team up together as one to oppose restrictions; if you need help or an just need an ear to talk to, let me know. Also subscribe and hit the notification button here since I'll be offering a lot more content on this topic, as well as how to keep physically fit during these uncertain times.

Please like my video, there will be more once I get the hang of this:
Parler: @ironpete

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Northeast Snowstorm - December 17

Well, we were bound to get a snowstorm, right?

With the storm still raging and 8 inches of snow on the ground, I headed out for a nice little run.

Ready to go.


I don't regard winter as my favorite season, but sometimes I need to go out and play around in the snow. Not many runs are like this, so I want to get the best of the experience.


Running in the storm is fine if you put on the right choice of layers.


It can be dangerous out there, so I keep to 1.5 mile loops around the neighborhood. This way I'm always close to home and safety if I need it.

Here are some more photos.

Starting out.
What happened to the manhole cover?! Luckily there were warning signs around the huge hole in the road.


Enjoying some Christmas decorations on the house while I await a car to pass by.


There was amazingly some traffic on the road at 5:30AM.

The snow was falling pretty hard here, seeing the flakes in the lights.

Rounding the last corner to complete the first loop. The gas station was quiet at this point. On the third lap there were a couple of people trying to push a stuck car into the station.

Last photo as I complete the first loop. A Christmas tree on the left, some Hanukkah lights on the right.

Done! Well, not done. I got some shoveling to do.  That's my next workout.

Stay safe!