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Monday, March 22, 2021

Male Testosterone Plummeting and Societal Implications


Very interesting video by Vincent James of the Red Elephants. We have witnessed a huge drop in testosterone in the point where half of all men in 2045 will have their sperm count drop to zero.

As you can see, this is clearly impacting young men, how they carry themselves, what clothes they wear, and, of course, how they vote. A lot of us can safely say that we are declining as a society because of this.

As Vincent James says, strong MASCULINE men are the backbone of society. They are the ones toiling in heavy lifting jobs to keep the infrastructure functioning, they're the fathers that current people don't have, the glue holding families together.

And guess what? #Diet and #exercise will help testosterone levels back to normal.

The same diet and exercise that can ward off viruses, that can increase longevity (also declining), and increase quality of life!

And this is my job, developing strong people, especially men. If society breaks down, it's going to take a strong man to survive. It's going to take strong men to rebuild.

I've been talking to people during my free time a lot. People are confused, and it's such an important service that it stays free. Growing a network of strong men right now *is* my payment; we might need each other in the future.

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Saturday, March 13, 2021

About That Jab: I'm Not Responsible For Your Health. That Was Always YOUR Responsibility

 So, I'm supposed to take the #vaccine if I care about other people.

A recent Forbes article says that 8 in 10 people hospitalized with the #Covid19 #virus is overweight or obese.

They put themselves in that group because of POOR LIFE CHOICES. Apparently, our calls of practicing good diet and #exercise were lost on these people.

And now that their #health is failing, they demand us healthy people take an untested, experimental jab with who-knows-what in it so that they feel safe.

Sorry. For YEARS we Personal Trainers have warned you of the consequences of eating too much fast food, not exercising at all, allowing yourself to tip the scales at 300+ pounds.

So no, your health is not our responsibility. It was always yours.

You can still take personal responsibility and take care of your health. It's never too late.

Friday, March 12, 2021

To Those In The Northeast - Beautiful Day To Workout, Get Out There!!!

It's a beautiful day in the Northeast!

If you don't go outside today and run, cycle, walk, hike, or even just take a bit of a siesta outside, it would be a sin to miss a day like this.

I got my 5 mile run in this morning. Shorts and short sleeve shirt in NY! 

As you can see, there is a wind advisory today. That is because the wind will be associated with a cold front moving through the area. This will be the last warm day for this stretch. Tomorrow will be more seasonable temps in the 30s.

This is a reminder that you need to make your health a priority in your daily routines so that you steer clear of the high risk group for any virus that comes along. And when indulging in active activity on a beautiful day like this, it can be fun also.

Your health is the backbone of your life. If you are not healthy, you cannot perform your job well, you cannot be fully participating with your family and your kids, you'll have less capacity to get everything done each day.

Get out there people!!!

P.S. To all those in Denver, I feel for you. Big storm with two feet of snow bearing down on you. Well, at least some of you will be getting a workout in shoving your sidewalks and your cars! 😛

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Don't Demand Other Healthy People Take The V.A.X. Instead, Be Responsible And Look To Improve Your Own Health

I've repeatedly have shown CDC numbers that it is health, not age, that is the primary cause of deaths by Covid.

People, if you are in questionable health and are truly concerned about the 
#Covid19 virus, do not demand healthy people take a #vaccine to make you safe.

Instead, look to your own health and see what you can do to improve it.

A majority of those of you in this group CAN reverse their failing health. For those in their 70s who cannot move much, there are workouts they can do while in a chair. They are very gentle workouts and can help you take small baby steps on the road to better fitness. It would significantly reduce your chances of dying from #Covid .

For those my age, in their 50s, it's disconcerting to see them starting on regular medications because of their poor life choices in #health and #diet. If you fall into this group and are taking regular medications, you have more leeway than the older group in reversing your health. All it takes is 10-20 minutes per day of weights, treadmills, or walking outside to make a difference.

Of course, please talk to your doctor about getting a screening before taking part in exercise.

This is a personal responsibility issue, and you need to take ownership of your health. This #pandemic should come as a shot across the bow that your health should be the highest priority in your daily routine.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

A Racing Season in 2021? Look to TX, MS, ID, SD, and FL. Other States Look for Cancellation Policies

We dare to have a race season in 2021?

Part my job to my competitive athletes I coach is finding out if races will actually start and what their policies are amid the craziness we have been seeing this past year. For instance, some runs now, instead of a mass start (all runners go at once), will start individuals out 10 seconds apart to maintain "social distancing." Other policies include what happens to those registered if the race is forced to cancel. Sometimes a race will defer people to a later race, or some have partial or full refunds.

So now I find that it's my turn to see which races I'll do. At this point, I'm looking at 3 major races that I feel will go off with a good degree of certainty.

April 18 - Ironman 70.3 Florida in Haines City. Florida is governed by a based governor who started to do some restrictions early on but quickly reversed his decision and is now freely open for business. This race was deferred from last year and I'm happy to be doing it this year. I won't be in the best of shape (pool restrictions here in NY plus scrambling my business to expand and include virtual training has consumed my time to concentrate on my speed. I do have a good base though to give me a decent time in this race.

June 27 - Ironman Couer D'Alene. This is the full Ironman that I hope to be fully trained to do. This was deferred from Ironman Maryland last year. I decided to move the deferment to Idaho as I think it is the best race to get this race going. Maryland does have a Republican governor but it's basically a blue state; the cities' mayors are the ones doing the restrictions.

May 13-16 - Three Days at the Fair 72 hour race. This is a one mile loop and I have to run as many loops as possible in a 72 hour period. Last time I did this I ran exactly 200 miles and got my 200 mile belt buckle. I think I can do it again, using the same winning formula (80 miles on the first day, 60 on the second, 60 on the third). It's in NJ but it is entirely on private grounds, so that is a plus. And they actually did manage to do this race last year albeit in the fall. They also have a 6 day race for the truly insane, and 48 hour, 24 hour, 12 hour, 6 hour, and a certified marathon as well.

It'll be great to race again after a year of inactivity. My last race was the E Murray Todd Half Marathon a week before the Great Panic hit, with a time of 1:32, so I'm ready to rock and roll again.

Three Days at the Fari, with endless 1 mile loops

Who else is with me? 👍 😁 👍