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Thursday, December 31, 2020

We Need Strong People - Tips For Surviving 2021, Especially For Men

Oh boy, I saw some 2021 predictions and I'm just shaking my head. All rosy. The economy is going to turn around, things will look better in the latter part of the year "if everyone does his or her part" in the pandemic.

Yeah, obey your government, slave, and maybe we'll be merciful enough to get that jackboot off your face!

Remember the Grand Cycle:

Good Times -->Weak Men-->Bad Times-->Strong Men-->Good Times

If you take a look at the screeching bunch of adult children coming out of University who can leave their safe space and compare that to men the same age storming the beaches of Normandy and into certain death, you'll definitely understand.

We have a lot of weak people. A lot of these betas are in position of power right now; we're definitely in for some rough times.

2021 will be worse. Prepare for it.

But in the carnage of our Old Normal, the process has begun to weed out the Strong Men from the weak. Will you be one of them?

I've listed some general advice on how to survive and maybe even get ahead in 2021.

There are 6 points here. That's it. I'm not going to bother trying to round it out to 10 because it looks good. Here goes.

Get healthy!

1) When all else fails, always fall back onto your health!!!

If your business closed down permanently and you had to take that shit job at Amazon, don't give up hope. Improve on your health!!! Walk for 30 minutes a day, lift those weights, lose the pounds, and you'll gain enough confidence to lift yourself out of the hole. That confidence spreads to all aspects of your life outside of your health, and will give you the swagger to get another business started, land a good paying job, etc.

Do something you love to do.


2) Find a hobby you love that might give you some earning potential, and develop it further.

Giving yourself a large project with a difficult but doable goal will help give you the focus you need to tackle all aspects of your life. Fix up a car, improve on a room in your house, do some needed repairs, etc...the possibilities are endless. Men are always goal-oriented creatures, and by giving yourself a worthy goal, you'll keep giving yourself a sense of purpose in life. And it's an amazing feeling when you actually hit that goal!

Faceturd and Twatter are a waste of time.

3) Stop wasting time on social media and news sites on the internet!

A minute spent checking up on a friend posting his bowel movement on Facebook is definitely a productive minute wasted from your life. The 24 hour news cycle isn't that much better either. In the past we had the 6PM local news, the 6:30PM National news, and that was it. Keep yourself updated with events, of course, but that can easily be done in 1 hour instead of 6 hours each day.

Self Explanatory.

4) Don't spend too much time pursuing women.

I'm going to get some hate mail for this, but it has to be said. Wasting good chunks of time texting women, writing to them, in the hopes of getting a date with them will only result in disappointment. Women are hardwired to consider these men weak and will often put you off that way. Instead, spend time to improve your health, get financially stable or even wealthy, get your confidence in yourself up, and the women will actually come to you. And I don't think the women can deny this either.


Better think outside the box.


5) Be resourceful. Now might be the time to think outside the box.

Even though the jackboot of government is in the process of killing your small business during this Great Hysteria, doesn't mean that it's down for the count. I've transformed my business from a gym-centric one to a remote and residence-based business to get around the restrictions.

The other way is to team up with other small businesses and openly flout the restrictions. As a strong, united front against tyranny, you can get the government to back down. You'll take your lumps in terms of fines or arrests, but strong, free men never look for approval from the government, right? Stay strong, and your business might just survive.

Help yourself first.

6) For the Family Men - Always Put Yourself FIRST Before Providing For Your Family

Another controversial topic that might get some hate mail, but reading into it, you are going this FOR your family because you want to be there for them in the long haul. If you stay fit and work your butt off to improve in your work, you'll be in a POSITION OF STRENGTH to keep helping out your family over the long haul.

On the other hand, if you neglect your health and your diet in favor of your family first, you'll be a blubbering, obese mess before you know it, or in the grave, and you certainly cannot help your family that way, can you?

A sure way I do this is to set aside the first task each morning for me only! Go out and run for 30-60 minutes, lift some weights, even work on a project for 30-60 minutes also. Don't make it more than 60 minutes though; the object is to set the right tone for the rest of the day. Once you're done after 60 minutes you can definitely attend to your family's needs.

That's about it. If you have any questions or comments, let me know.

Have a Dutiful and Strong New Year.

Coach Iron Pete

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Without Conspiracy Theories, Why I'm Not Taking the Covid Vaccine

 I'm an Individualist & libertarian, so I won't be forcing anyone to not take the #vaccine.


The choice is ultimately up to you.

The other side, however, will be forcing the issue, & will be using HEAVY psychology, aimed at "conspiracy theories"; 5G, nanobots, depopulation, etc.

If you have a talk with a doctor, or even a friend, best not go there. Instead, I use hard data from the #cdc itself to justify not getting the it.

First, the 0.02% fatality rate is a good start. Even healthy 70 yr olds have a 95% survival rate!

Second, health is a huge factor (2.6 avg co-morbidities, CDC data). I'm in great health.

Third, I feel the #vaccines are more risky than the #virus itself. They have no long term data, in which #BigPharma admits to, especially when they are immune from liability.

Last, the "do it for others" argument. Most people at high risk are in poor health. Most of them never did ANYTHING for their health. No exercise, lots of fast food, no personal responsibility, and now they want me to "take the hit" for them? Nope!

Listen, if it comes down to "herd immunity", I'll be more than willing to help there. Just put me in the same room as an infected individual, I'll then self-isolate for several days and I'll get immunity that way. Problem solved.

But if you're going to try to force or coerce me into taking a vaccine with no long term data, then I have a big problem with that. A very big problem.

I sure hope we don't get to that scenario.

#novaccineforme #pandemic #covid19

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas People! Remember to Give Yourself The Best Present To Yourself!

 Merry Christmas people! Remember to give the first and best gift to the most important person in your life...yourself!

Get your lazy ass out of bed!

Go for a short run, lift some weights, work on your core. Work on a side project for an hour. Always improve on yourself. Then join your family for your festivities.

You need to be a bit selfish so that you can ultimately be selfless. If you're fit and confident, you can more easily support those you love.

There's my gift to you!

🎁 🎄Coach Iron Pete, NASM, USAT Fitness and Life Coach, Go Farther Sports 🎅 ❄️

#merrychristmas #christmas #holidays #fitness #health #parler #parlerusa #gofarthersports

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Small Business Owners - It's Time To Be Strong And Defy The Lockdowns

My video is at the link here:

According to a survey by the New York State Restaurant Association, more than half of the restaurants are in danger of closing.

The link is here:

If you own a restaurant, a gym, a salon, or other business that is deemed "non-essential" by your mayor or governor, it's past time for us to band together, do the bold thing, and just open up.

It is not the governor's authority to tell you to shut down your business. It is not the governor or mayor's authority to make law. That rests with the legislatures of each state and locality. Governors and mayors are executives and under the constitution, they only CARRY OUT the law, not make them.

Here is a video by the Peggy Hall, the Healthy American about government's limited role under the Constitution and your rights. Please Listen to her!!! Link:

It's time to act. It's either push back or be in ruin. You need to decide, now!

Referenced: Atilla's Gym in NJ. The gym remains open in defiance of NJ Governor Murphy's unconstitutional orders. Yes, the gym has racked up over $1 million in fines, but the owners know the charges are illegal. They called the governor's bluff on this, they know their rights, and they're forging ahead. Murphy cannot do a damn thing! Good for them!

I am also a small business and even though I have no gym, my business is adversely affected by the lockdowns (races are cancelled, gyms I associate with are closed, etc) and do seek to end the restrictions of the state and local governments as well. I've had to make several major adjustments to keep my head above water, with remote training and programs aiming to get people fit to ward off a virus, or at least not worry about it much if infected.

I think it's better to team up together as one to oppose restrictions; if you need help or an just need an ear to talk to, let me know. Also subscribe and hit the notification button here since I'll be offering a lot more content on this topic, as well as how to keep physically fit during these uncertain times.

Please like my video, there will be more once I get the hang of this:
Parler: @ironpete

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Northeast Snowstorm - December 17

Well, we were bound to get a snowstorm, right?

With the storm still raging and 8 inches of snow on the ground, I headed out for a nice little run.

Ready to go.


I don't regard winter as my favorite season, but sometimes I need to go out and play around in the snow. Not many runs are like this, so I want to get the best of the experience.


Running in the storm is fine if you put on the right choice of layers.


It can be dangerous out there, so I keep to 1.5 mile loops around the neighborhood. This way I'm always close to home and safety if I need it.

Here are some more photos.

Starting out.
What happened to the manhole cover?! Luckily there were warning signs around the huge hole in the road.


Enjoying some Christmas decorations on the house while I await a car to pass by.


There was amazingly some traffic on the road at 5:30AM.

The snow was falling pretty hard here, seeing the flakes in the lights.

Rounding the last corner to complete the first loop. The gas station was quiet at this point. On the third lap there were a couple of people trying to push a stuck car into the station.

Last photo as I complete the first loop. A Christmas tree on the left, some Hanukkah lights on the right.

Done! Well, not done. I got some shoveling to do.  That's my next workout.

Stay safe!

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Questions You Need To Ask About The Upcoming V-A-X.

Okay, I'm going to try to limit this to mostly questions, not opinions.

Why is this vaccine different than the others out there (mRNA)?

Why are we releasing this new type of vaccine out into the public without any long term data?

Why is there a vaccine for a virus that has a 99.98% survivability rate?

CDC's own numbers...Link:


If the vaccine has a high efficiency rate (95%), why is there a big effort to get people hesitant on it inoculated. If the vaccine is efficient and protective, why worry about another not getting vaccinated?

If the vaccine has a high efficiency rate, how come the NY Times published an article stating that vaccinated people still have to wear masks? If this virus could still spread around asymptomatically like the article claims it does, why would it matter to another person who has also been vaccinated? And why worry about those who choose not to be vaccinated who have chosen to undergo the risk?


If these vaccines are "safe and effective", why did the pharmaceuticals that made these vaccines actively seek out immunity from any liability and injury that these vaccines may cause?



I have more questions, but we can get started on these.

P.S. I post on things like this because it has a tremendous impact on people's health, which is a concern for me and my clients. I want to make sure that all of us are well informed of the risks of the monumental decisions we take to protect our health. Questions like these need to be addressed, NOT shut down. This way, all of us, as a society, can make well informed decisions that impacts our health.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

And I'll Say It Again! Good Health and Fitness Is The Cure For Most Serious Ailments

I know I say this over and over again, but sometimes repetition drives the point home. So here we go again:

Good health and fitness is the cure for most serious ailments out there.

Please read that again...and again. It is your own actions and life choices that will ultimately give you the ticket to a very active golden age after 50 years of living.

Oh it's going to be a ticket to a very limited, very restricted quality of life, if you ever get one after age 50.

Dead at 50

My cousin Joseph just passed away *at* age 50, God rest his soul. It was a shock to all of us when he suffered a massive heart attack.


Most of his coronary arteries were close to 100% clogged. Even one of his carotid arteries was close to 100% clogged. If it wasn't a heart attack, he would have suffered a stroke.

He wasn't very active at all.

Now yeah, you can say that he might have had poor genetics that contributed, but genetics only goes so far. It's the *lifestyle* that enables people to prolong their lives despite the genetics.

Personal Responsibility

People always ignore that "good health and fitness" statement above because it means taking personal responsibility for themselves & doing the work involved in actually getting fit and actually preventing ailments like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and succumbing to viruses like Covid-19.

There are no magic pills!

Instead, everyone looks for the easy way out, a magic pill, or, in this case, a magic vaccine. If everyone just walked for 30 minutes each day we wouldn't be worried about vaccines at all. But...everyone would rather shift the responsibility to everyone else for their poor health, like forcing others to take this vaccine.

Sorry, no guilt or shaming is going to work on me when it comes to taking a vaccine. I won't take it. And why should I take the hit for others when they don't make the effort to better themselves at all?

If you want to  live well into your golden years, be very active in your golden years, not have debilitating factors like heart disease, or want to be strong enough to survive a virus, the onus is on YOU. I'm hired to make the process easier, but you have to put in the work. Hard work pays off though; it's great feeling fit & knowing that you would likely survive any virus if you get it.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

How to Pick Your Races in 2021 Despite the Uncertainty

Note: I've been doing extensive research on races in 2021 for my clients; if you need any insight or planning for your 2021 season, let me know through my contacts here and on

This is going to be an interesting article.

After a lot of the races being cancelled in 2020, it would be quite hard to plan races for 2021.

Ah, but there is a way! You just have to do your homework.

You'll need to find a race that will have high odds of happening, and even if they are cancelled, have some recourse (refunds and cancellation). So the big factors to consider are race size, location, format, and cancellation policy.


Race Size

Races come in a lot of shapes and sizes, from the 60,000 person New York City marathon, to your hometown informal Fat Ass race with 100 people. With the recent problems that we face, it seems like larger races will much less likely happen than smaller races. Obviously, most of the local governments are trying to limit group gatherings. Another advantage that smaller races have over larger races is that they are more discreet. They don't "stick out" much and will not invite opposition for local governments to shut down the races.

Advantage: Small races

Large races (left) are more likely to be cancelled than small races (right).


This is by no means political, so try not to take it as such. It's more an observation than an opinion.

Blue states readily tend to enact more restrictions than red states. Recently, New Jersey just limited its gatherings to 25 people or less (will be in force tomorrow, December 7). Other blue states have similar restrictions in place as well as restrictions in traveling into these states (some have quarantine orders). Some red states do have restrictions, but these are much less frequent than others.

If you're looking at red states, remember that the cities and towns in these states might have local restrictions, so even though the state is not imposing the restrictions, the towns might.

Advantage: Red states away from the cities and towns there.


This is a broad category.  I'll try to sort them all out here.

One format is the triathlon. This will be difficult to get off as the swim can be a big problem. Swimming is the most dangerous element in triathlon and often the park rangers or the cities supplying the permits need to have certified lifeguards there to monitor the swim portion. As governments can easily take away the permits, triathlon would be tough to do without that support. Of course it can still happen, but the RD will have to assume the risk in case someone drowns. And RDs will not take that risk most of the time. What the RDs might do is to substitute swimming with a different sport, like rollerblading or orienteering. Sometimes they'll just tack on an extra run in the beginning (run-bike-run format). Those will more likely happen than a traditional triathlon.

Road running can happen, and if the race is small enough, can be done without permits from the city or park if done discreetly (Fat Ass). Most of the races will happen in an urban park and will most likely have loops, logistics, of course. If it is a Fat Ass, it would more likely go off than not.

Trail running is perhaps the best opportunity that can happen. Most of the trails happen in larger parks away from the city, so the rangers will more likely issue permits than not. Sometimes these are Fat Ass races too, but the course is kept small and in loops to ensure they stay low-profile.

Advantage: Organized trail running or Fat Ass races.

Cancellation Policy

This one mitigates your loses in case a race has to cancel. When looking for a race you'll need to see what its cancellation policy, specially for Covid. Race directors, in their lure to attract doubtful runners, have fully relaxed their cancellation policies and have promised either to defer the registration to another of their races without charge or to provide 100% of the refund. And some trail races have started doing "nothing down" registration. They can register for a race and provide their credit card info, but the race director will not charge your card until a week or two before the race when they receive confirmation that they're on! I think UltraSignUp has that option. Look for other races to follow suit.

As for Fat Ass races, they're basically free (you really "donate" the day of the race), so you don't have to worry about them at all.

Advantage: Races with 100% cancellation, nothing down registration, or Fat Ass races

One little mention is travel. Travel seems to be very dicey nowadays. International travel is a clusterf--k. You have to worry about quarantine and all sorts of testing just to make it across the border...that is if the borders are open! Know your destination country inside and out before even considering a race there. Domestic travel? Some states do have quarantine orders in place too but they are less onerous than crossing international borders. Anything within driving distance is certainly better than air travel as flights can be cancelled.

That's it in a nutshell. If you have any questions, let me know, either in the comments below or though my contacts at .

The Fat Ass Race - A New Way To Race Amid The Hysteria do you like 2020 so far?

Okay, okay. I won't ask that question again.

Looking through recent American history, I see a time when onerous government restrictions tried to put a clamp on things.



Can you guess why Prohibition ended?

It was because of the Black Market. Yep, government can maybe control things up to a certain extent. But if it tightens control too much, well, people create ways to get around it. And then government loses ALL control.

Prohibition was about making alcohol illegal. You see, there were control freak "Karens" back then also, who were always miserable and wanted to pass their misery to others.

Well, when any of these people get into power the devastation they bring with it. Look at Governors Murphy, Wittmer, Cuomo, Newsome, Brown, and others and you see the hell they have wrought to their states.

Back then, these people in government went farther...much farther. They actually made it an AMENDMENT to make alcohol illegal. That's a lot of Karen people in power!

But the people wanted to have fun anyway. So instead of legitimate bars that were regulated by the local governments, they went underground.

Speakeasys were the thing. In order to get into one you just needed to know the right people to get in. And everyone knew each other back then.

Alcohol was flowing quite freely during Prohibition, and now it was beyond the government's control. Oops.

Even government officials were underground at these speakeasys flouting their own rules!

So in order for the government to get back control, it had to make ANOTHER Amendment to void the first one.

Quite recently to, the failed War On Drugs is ending with legalization of pot and other drugs. Psilosybin and maybe even LSD could be legalized also, after having failed in stopping these drugs from getting to people.


What is interesting is that speakeasys might actually come back in the 2020's as well. Wow, exactly 100 years!


And now we have this, government shutting down businesses claiming a "deadly" virus that is 99.9% survivable. Yeah, somehow I placed "deadly" and "99.9% survivable" in the same sentence. It's 2020 after all, logic escaped us this year after all.

The Black Market will rise and counter this again. As I mentioned before, people are using the bars in their basements as an alternate setting for some socializing. If this continues, this will be the precursor to speakeasys.


And as for racing? We're set up nicely here also.

A lot of races have already started to set up the alternate "Fat Ass" format to races. You see, most organized races need a government permit to use their streets and parks for their courses.

Here's one such Fat Ass race. Do a search and you'll see a lot more.


So now that the local governments have ceased to issue permits to these races, well, it's quite easy to do one without permit and to conceal it somewhat.

Just like speakeasys, instead of public advertising, word gets out through private networking. Running clubs, teams, coaches, etc.

The races will be free to make sure it can be pinned as a "race", but donations would be accepted (and highly encouraged). Usually a Donations Jar will be placed either on the table or on top of a car or on a picnic bench. Runners just throw in how much money they feel the race is worth.

Most runners are generous also, so it works out.

And waves can be started with a small amount of runners instead of one big wave with a lot of runners. This way it looks less like a race and more like an informal group run.


You see, government WANTS to control everything, but, just like in the past, it's going to get its ass handed to them again, in spades! In trying to get control over all aspects of people's lives, they're going to lose control over EVERYTHING!

That's the Black Market in action. It stems from the yearning from each person to be FREE. It effectively counteracts government overreach.

And Black Markets always seem to prevail in the end.


I'll post more about Fat Ass racing on this blog very soon, because THIS will be the future of racing for now. So pay attention runners and lace up!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2020

The Macs Public House Protest - A Need for Small Businesses to Stick Together

So, upon a call from a local patriot here on Staten Island, Scott Lobaido, I attended the Macs Public House protest last night.

 Large gathering at the Macs Center House Protest last night


Just a quick rundown of what is currently going on in New York, the governor has issued colored "zones" in terms of the severity of this so-called virus that is supposedly running rampant through the country.

Cuomo has divided Staten Island in half, with a more moderate "yellow zone" up north and a more severe "orange zone" down south. The yellow zone has some restrictions but does allow indoor dining and limited small business. The orange zone is more restrictive and doesn't allow for dining and businesses to be open.

Cuomo has issued the southern part of Staten Island to be an orange zone and has ordered the shut down of pretty much all "non-essential" small businesses.

How he can declare some businesses to be "non-essential" is beyond me as a fully functional economy needs all businesses for the country to thrive.

But I digress...

The bar in question is in the orange zone and was ordered to close. The bar owners, rightfully fed up with the orders, declared itself an "autonomous zone" and remained open, in defiance of the governor's orders.

On Tuesday (Dec 1), the Sheriffs from the governors stripped the owners of the license and arrested one of the owners.

So there was a call for a rally yesterday (Dec 2), and a lot of people did come, including me.

We did have some noted people there, including small business owners that have been suffering under these lockdowns. One in particular has rent in arrears of $30,000 and she was practically emotional on stage.

Another a lot of people know, Ian Smith, the owner of Attila's Gym in NJ. What the NJ Governor Murphy did to him was just despicable.

Ian Smith, owner of Atilla's Gym

One of the reasons why I was down there was because I have a vested interest in this also. My business has been terribly affected, being in fitness. A lot of clients simply are too scared to have a personal session. Plus those who race have found most of their races cancelled and now have a "wait and see" attitude.

Although I've been transforming my business to a more remote format, it still is tough finding clients in this situation. Everyone is "wait and see" right now. I totally understand, but it doesn't pay the bills.


I want to tell a lot of people a truth here, obvious to most who *are* aware of what is going on and uncomfortable to some who just get their news from the mainstream media.

It's not the virus that is the cause of fear among people in this country, it's the government and their jackboot on our heads. And then they have the gall to say "if you want your old normal back, you better adhere to our ridiculous rules!" This virus has a 99.9% survival rate; lockdowns were never necessary.

Just think of a bully holding you against the wall, demanding your lunch money so they can leave you alone. So you give your lunch money, and the next day, the bully shockingly holds you against the wall again, demanding the same!

What has government done? 15 days to flatten the curve. We complied. We need to lock down until the summer. We complied. Masks weren't necessary, but hey, since you complied to the lockdowns, now masks are necessary! And now? More lockdowns. The government is the bully.

The truth about bullies is that, if you comply to their demands, they will lose total respect for you, and then impose even more demands. Who knows, he might demand you do his homework also after you allowed him to take your lunch money.

The ONLY way out of this situation, and the only way to get that bully to go away, is to turn around and PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE!

Oh, he might throw a few punches also, and you might get bloody from it, but it will cause the bully to think twice. You're NOT going to be that easy target. He might try again, and you punch him again, but he will stop after learning you're not low hanging fruit anymore.

We need pushback more than ever, or they will forever destroy the middle class. Civil disobedience is definitely the first method of pushing back.  If all small businesses open in defiance of a governor's or mayor's orders, he or she is going to have to back down.


Speaking of which, we small business owners need to stick together or we will fall one by one. I'm compiling a list of small businesses who have been adversely affected by unconstitutional government lockdowns. Any small business owner or anyone in general wants to buy a product or service, it would be great to buy from another small business owner instead of big conglomerates liks Walmart, Target, or Amazon, who have been raking in billions due to lack of free-market competition.


At this point, I would make it simple; I'll just sent to each participating business all the contacts to other participating businesses via email and a very simple website. This way we get a nice little network together that, if we rely on each other, can survive through the lockdowns. Think of it as our own little LinkedIn! If the idea catches on, then I'll try to look at ideas to make it more presentable on websites.

But at this point, the need is fast, so if I get enough of a response, I'll get it out quickly. It won't be glamorous, but it will do the job.

At this point it would be free for everyone. Down the road if there are enough businesses in that I need to hire a developer, then I would charge a very nominal rate for upkeep.

If interested or you have any questions, please email me at and I'll surely help.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

It's always YOU first. Don't Let anyone else tell you different!

Those who value themselves highly and make the effort to take care of themselves are going to get a barrage of vitriol coming their way. 

 You need to stay strong so that you can provide for others


There are a lot of people in the "you must think of the other people first" crowd who will shame you and put you down for being a "problem" in society and for being "selfish."

Don't give in to the crowd. You're absolutely in the right for taking care of yourself first before others.

And no, it's not being selfish. Those who love you and are counting on you NEED you to be physically and mentally strong so that you can be at your best to help them.

The "other people first" crowd have gotten it totally wrong. They want you to risk or even sacrifice your life to make them feel safe.

Let me clarify both positions.

We who work to improve ourselves mostly do it to make sure we are consistently there for our families and for our jobs. If we take an hour or two of our "selfish" time to work out, eat right, learn a new skill, sharpen our minds, and gain confidence, we are ensuring that we will be there for our families if things go bad (loss of job, death in the family, injury of a family member, etc). We know that we can put in more than 100% effort for whatever time is needed to keep the family safe through strife.

Taking care of yourself is NOT being selfish at all. And it is proven also in our teachings.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

First, first responders, or even anyone who has taken a CPR or First Aid course, know it as the THE FIRST rule when administering help. That is "make sure the environment around you is safe" before you move in to administer help. For instance, if there is an exposed live electrical wire nearby or you're in a dangerous, icy stretch of a road, you'll need to address that environment first before you give help. Because, if you just throw yourself into a dangerous situation, you yourself might become a victim also, and that will complicate things further for other rescuers.

Another example is when you board an airline.  As you're being read the safety procedures, the airline rules officially states that if the oxygen masks drop to make sure YOU PUT IT ON YOURSELF FIRST. Then, you're able to administer helping the others with their oxygen masks.

Sounds pretty simple, right.

But now, things are getting twisted.

People are now demanding able bodied, healthy people to risk themselves "for the good of others." And if we don't, we're now "part of the problem."

Examples of this are mask wearing and the Covid-19 vaccines. I'll get into these in great detail later. But I'll keep it general and abstract here.

If the healthy are supposed to take a risk, no matter how small it may be, for those in frail health, then a lot of them risk becoming weak. Then we'll have a lot more weak people and less healthy people.

And then what? Who will help the weak? Has anyone on that side thought this through?

Healthy people who have made the effort to keep themselves strong are ASSETS, NOT LIABILITIES. You want to keep them healthy so that they can help the weak.

If anyone tells you that an action (not taking the vaccine, for example) is selfish and not looking out for others, tell them that you ARE looking out for others by remaining healthy so that I *can* help others.

Anyway, please think this through with an open mind.


If anyone is looking to improve on their health or their situation and be strong for others, especially during this trying time, you can contact me at or visit www.gofarthersports . I'm not just a certified personal trainer and coach, I'm also a life coach, trying to help others seek excellence in other areas as well.