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Friday, May 3, 2019

Friday Coffee Musings!

Friday Coffee Musings

Tomorrow is the North Face Endurance Challenge. And just like the first few days of May, we're looking at dreary conditions with some rain mixed in. I don't think it's going to be as bad as two years ago, but it will make the trails slick in places.

I want to wish Lara Zipperer the best of luck in her 50 miler tomorrow!

For those in the race, remember to bring a change of clothes, especially socks, and place them in drop bags. Also bring some Trail Toes or Bag Balm to lube up the feet as well.

For those in the 50K, I know you cannot have drop bags, but you *will* be close to your parked car twice along the course. The Anthony Wayne Aid Station will be encountered at 4.5 miles and 21 miles into the course. You can place any dry clothes you need in the car and can go to it to change your clothes if you need to.

Just remember to check into the aid station first before getting to your car. You need to check into every aid station to make sure you're accounted for.
It also helps to remember where you parked the car beforehand. Losing valuable time trying to find your car is not a good thing.


I'll be rear sweep for the 50K. Basically I trail the last place person and am equipped with a radio. So I'm in constant communication with the RD. They will tell me whether we are behind schedule and to "recommend" the person I'm with to withdraw from the race.

Unlike the 50 miler, the 50k has no hard cutoffs. But we do have to make sure people are off the course by nightfall, so bumping people off the course does become necessary.

If you are running the 50k, I think you'll be okay. You probably won't see me. If you run for any length of time, you won't be last.

I usually walk the entire first 15 miles of the course. Yeah, it's that slow.
So even if you run slowly, you'll never see me.


Please understand that telling the truth to a lot of people is better than either "beating around the bush" or outright lying.

That especially is true with me.

I have an uncanny ability of reading people's thoughts. A facial expression here and a gesture there tells me volumes. So most of the time, I already know what is going on.

But I will wait to see if the person does indeed tell me the truth.

I get a good look at the person's inner character that way.

Basically, can he or she be trustworthy in the future.

I always wish people the best of luck, now and in the future. Even if the future involves a different path than planned. Trust me, I know that might probably turn out to be the better move.
But it's better to be direct with people, especially with me. Things will go better that way.


Busy day today. I think this is going to be a triple coffee day before the day is out. AND...I have to leave at 2:30AM tomorrow for Bear Mountain. It's crunch time!

Have a great weekend people!

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