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Friday, May 10, 2019

TGIF Coffee Musings

TGIF Coffee Musings

A little over 6 weeks to my Ironman in Ireland.

The training is going extremely well, and I still think I can improve even more these last remaining weeks if I play this right. 😁

I have a couple of long runs on Saturday and Sunday. I'll try to maintain a 8:15-8:30 on both. My goal is to be at least under a 9 minute pace when I get off the bike in the Ironman.


As for the trip itself, the focus starts to shift from general things like airplane, transportation, and lodging to the minute details of the trip. Some questions that are going through my mind:

Is my bike case going to survive another trip?
How is Air Canada with luggage?

What type of medical travel insurance to get for the trip? (narrowed that down to two possibilities)

Is my triathlon gear adequate? What do I need? New goggles? New tri top? Swimsuit?

Does my bike need a good tune-up before the race? Who to bring it to if it needs one?

Travel in Ireland? What buses to take? Rental car? Can I actually drive a manual shift with my left hand?!!! 😬

Things to see in Ireland? Guinness brewery? Blarney Stone? Waterford Glass Factory? When do I go see these sights?

How and when to get to the Ironman venue?

Will my credit and debit cards work there? Who do I call to activate them?
Phone cards? Should I get one that extends to my UTMB in France in August or should I buy two separate SIM cards for each trip?

(because I need to post my FB musings over Irish coffee there, right? 😉)
Lots of other details rearing their ugly heads too. The list is long and tedious but hopefully this list will be taken care of when it's time to go.


A friend and great runner Yoshiko Jo is running for 10 consecutive days on a certified 1 mile loop in Northern NJ.

Even I find that unfathomable.

A few years ago I tried my hand (or feet) on that course for the 3 day race. Yep, 72 consecutive hours.

And it was tough doing just that. It's not easy to get up from a rest after a 50 mile run and try for another 50.

At some point, it's going to hurt. Severely.

I wound up running 200 miles in that race, perhaps the only 200 miles I'll ever do in one event.

Three days is a long time. I can't fathom adding 7 more days. Ouch!
Anyway, Yoshiko finished her first day with 56 miles. 9 days to go.
On track for 560 miles? Yikes!

Good luck the rest of the way Yoshiko. A lot of people will be following your progress! 😁

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