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Monday, October 25, 2010

New Look, New Design, New Season (2011!!!)

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Peter Priolo. Yes, for those who have been following me the past year on another blog, yes, this is my real name.

After a year of reorganizing a lot of things in my life I can honestly say that I am ready for an active 2011. In 2010, I trained for one race, and one race only, the Vermont 100 Mile Ultramarathon, and succeeded in finishing the thing. For those who haven't seen my race report, it was here on my Joe Gold blog.

I took about 3 months active rest afterwards, for some recovery but mainly to finish my other tasks in life. Now that is done, I am ready to go again. I have officially started training again with a big goal in mind. I mean, how do I go about topping a 100 mile finish? Well, I do have big ideas. You need to stay tuned here as I will be posting a 2011 schedule of ultras, um, races that I will be doing.

On the right, I have already posted my first two races of 2011. They are the Watchung Winter Ultras in January and the Holiday Lake 50k in Virginia in February. I will confirm the first one this week. The second one will be confirmed as soon as registration opens up (should be easy to enter).

I will also post my weekly workout blog on my original blog. Most workouts will be posted there (not all) as well as an explanation why I did the workout in the overall scheme of things. I spent 2 years designing an ultra schedule as it has a vastly different approach than marathon or triathlon training. I still use periodization to a large extent, but there are methods that are quite unorthodox to runners and coaches of these two realms but have been tested by me to be the most proven to tackle ultramarathons 50 miles or longer. If you are interested in ultra running, or are a coach who is interested in how an ultra training schedule is put together, then these pages could be a very important resource to your approach. Don't hesitate to ask questions; that's what the workout blog is there for.

Anyway, good luck in all your training and racing.