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Sunday, June 14, 2020

New "Semi_Virtual" Race on Staten Island, this time in and around Clove Lakes Park!

The race is virtual, the course is real!

Starting Monday June 15 and finishing Sunday June 21, this semi-virtual race will be open to the public. It will be on the same 4 mile course as the Celic Run (with slight changes).

Link to the registration:

Map of the course:

 Video of the course can be seen on YouTube here:

If you have a GPS watch that uploads to Strava or Garmin, then you're set! All you need to do is register, run the course, upload the data to Garmin and Strava, and then notify me that you finished by giving me the link to your run on Garmin or Strava.

If you don't have a GPS watch, I will be at Clove Lakes Park to time everyone on an individual basis on Sunday June 21 from 8-10AM. Look for me at either the start on Clove Road or at the finish near the Stonehendge building (I'm in a brimmed hat). Both the start and the finish are reasonably close to each other so if you don't find me at the building, take a 30 second walk to Clove Road and look south towards Victory Blvd, and I should be there.

I will tabulate the results and will post on the address above and on the email list.

This is a free race; donations are accepted.