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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tuesday Coffee Musings - Ironman Canada Back to Penticton?

Tuesday Coffee Musings

Just came out of the JCC here after finishing up the triathlon swim program. I figure I get a little bit of work done at the coffee shop before going down the road to the park to ride long today. A little caffeine goes a long way.


I'm seriously thinking of doing Ironman Canada when it moves back to Penticton next year. That was my first ever Ironman in 1996 and went back in 1997, 1998, and 1999.

Those times were BF (Before Facebook), when AOL and Usenet ruled the social media. I was part of a large global group called Rec.Sport.Triathlon. And I still have the old cycling uniform.

We were 60 people strong those days.

And it was a Grand Reunion every year, a time I always looked forward to as part of a larger triathlon community.

And some of the old friends who were part of the phenomenon expressed interest in going next year.

Apparently Ironman and the city of Penticton made an agreement to move the race back from Whistler to do this.

I just hope that they bring the old legendary course back. The tough Richter Pass, the grinding Yellow Lake climb. It all has to be there.

Remaking this course into loops would be a deal breaker. No thanks. But I think they won't do that, at least not on the bike.

Maybe apparently after all these years we can come back home again. Crossing my fingers; I hope so!


Remember when I said that I can't make friends as a rear sweep because of the nature of that position?

I was proven wrong.

The woman that I mentioned saw me as the sweep approaching and ran away in this year's race? Well, apparently we have a couple of mutual friends and that helped us connect as FB friends on Facebook. Thanks Jacky! She's going to the Dirty German race this weekend too, so she turns out to be an amazing runner, running two Ultras in two weeks! I want to wish her the best of luck there!
Those friends I know who are going to Dirty German? Say hi to her when you're there. She looks to be a very positive and friendly person with a lot of spirit!
It truly is a small world, the trail running community. 😁
I will be taking steps to become a certified personal trainer in the next couple of months. I figure I already have the knowledge. I'm a certified triathlon coach; I might as well expand it to the general fitness area too.
I will mostly be an independent trainer, having no attachments to any gym (although I might work loosely out of the JCC if the planets align right). I'll mostly be making house calls instead. The independence eliminates all sorts of business complications between any gym and my business.
And it also eliminates any "sales quotas" these gyms impose on their trainers. My clients are always my priority.
6.5 weeks till my 50th birthday; 6.5 weeks till Ironman Ireland. It's crunch time! Time to ride long in the park! Have a great day!!! 😁

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