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Monday, November 4, 2019

Three Successful Finishers I Helped Coach Who Crushed NYC Marathon!

Congratulations to all who finished the #NYCMarathon yesterday. I want to especially acknowledge three individuals that rocked the race!

Lisa Lubarsky

Lisa Lubarsky - Ironman and marathon runner, she recovered from a bad accident on her bike last year to complete her first Ironman at Mont Tremblant last August, then did great yesterday at her first straight-up marathon yesterday with a time of 5:06! Congrats on coming completely back to crush this race!

Karen Snyder Soren

Karen Snyder Soren - Finished her first back-to-back marathons in as many weeks. She finished the Marine Corps Marathon last week in very stormy weather. She did a good recovery which involved swimming last week to come back strong at NYC yesterday, finishing with Lisa with a time of 5:06!

Kevin Nedza

Kevin Nedza - He's in the middle of an epic breakout season, setting a high PR of 3:45! He'll be in a short recovery period with his mind set on getting his first 50 miler done at the San Diego 50 this winter. Good luck!!!

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