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Friday, November 15, 2019

The Bike Course is Back! Ironman Canada Interview With New RD

The new, um, old Ironman Canada venue. Interview with the RD. Yes, the original iconic bike course is back!

One of the biggest questions of the 2020 Ironman Penticton race is, "is the bike course the same?" To those who are new to the course, the old Ironman bike course is quite legendary for the hills, with Richter Pass being the legendary climb of the course. The huge rolling hills after Richter Pass also define the course, as well as the screaming 12 mile downhill back into town.

 Climbing Richter Pass has always been a rite of passage for anyone who finished in the old days of Ironman Canada.

The bike course is back!

Ironman in recent years has been trending towards looped courses and a lot of people were worried that this legendary course would be scrapped for a boring looped course. That's not to be the case here!

The run course is still up in the air, but would most likely be looped. That's fine though, since the old out and back run in the early days was just rolling hills and such; nothing really stood out on that course as much as the ride.

Here is a podcast about the new RD of that race. To all those who are lucky enough to get in next year's race, you're in for a treat! To all those on the fence or waiting till 2021 (including me), trust me, you won't go wrong with choosing this race

Here is the link:

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