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Monday, November 18, 2019

The November Butterfly Challenge!

So now triathletes are challenging each other to a "butterfly challenge" this month on Slowtwitch. 😆…/November_butterfly_challeng…/
We just don't know how to rest now, do we? LOL

The Butterfly stroke is the hardest stroke to master of all the swim strokes. There are plenty of triathletes who still don't know how to do a butterfly.

I've been swimming since my years in high school (1980s) and still I can hold a good butterfly for maybe 100 meters tops. After that, the stroke starts falling apart.

Yet, here we are, in the middle of the month, with people already claiming to swim 3000 yards of butterfly this month. Either they're very strong, very persistent, or they're outright lying. 🤣

All this aside, it's a great challenge to have in the middle of the offseason. Sometimes one loses track of the goals during this time, and this provides the necessary focus needed to keep training through the winter.

So will you challenge yourself this way? Or will you look at other strange ways to challenge yourself? Go for it!

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