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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


OK, I got to get this off my chest in a big way.

There are too many "I can't"s being said in front of me.

"I can't run trails because it's too windy." "I still can't go out and ride my bicycle because it's been a very cold spring." "I can't do that type of a workout in the pool, what are you, kidding me?"


I hate to see this country in such sorry shape like this. Just too many damned excuses not to do something worthwhile. It's not just exercise also, it's in all areas of people's lives.

Stop being needy and take care of yourself for a change. Don't depend on others to pick you up. This is what they call "learned helplessness".

I've seen tenants call landlords to actually help them change a damned light bulb. Are you freaking kidding me?

Only you can change things yourself. Stop learning to be the helpless slob and for God's sake take care of yourself for a change.

Yes, it means you have to make an effort. Yes, it might mean you have to sweat a little. Yes, you might have to actually get outside your comfort zone to get some goals done.

But yes, it means that you will be less dependent on other people. And yes you will actually feel good when you finish a worthwhile goal for yourself.

This is what successful people do. They stop blaming others for their shortcomings and will take steps themselves to do something about it. They go outside and exercise even if it's cold out. They don't just change the light bulb in their apartments, but might actually take steps to fix a stove or dishwasher without calling and waiting for the superintendent.

We're all human beings. When I see a human being, I see a person with unlimited potential and ability. But more often than not this potential remains untapped because the person is unwilling to make the effort and try.

And that is the sad part. If you don't try, you set your own limits. It's like setting the walls to your own prison.

All that I'm saying is to try to make the effort to set your own goals. Listen, you might fail the first time, or the first several times, but at least you tried. Failure is all part of the process. Yes, it stings and hurts, but you'll quickly realize what mistakes you made so that the next time you set out to achieve your goal, you have a much better shot at success.

So get out there go for it! And no more excuses. We all have goals to achieve. Let's all get out there and make the effort to achieve those goals, no matter how difficult they are. Because when you finally succeed, you'll definitely be a better person for it!

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  1. Wow, now that is a get off your ass and do something post. It is really hard to watch people deny what they are capable of. We are so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for. Even those of us who are active have more to give them we realize. The trick is in the wanting. As they say in the south, you've gotta wanna.