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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mt. Beacon Pictures at Dawn

The video just below is my hair-raising descent from the fire tower after sunrise.

All of these pictures were taken at dawn at the end of the hill training workout, most at the Fire Tower. We were definitely thankful for a beautiful time to do this. Great photos!

On the trail leading to the fire tower. Beautiful pre-dawn light.

Reds and oranges. We were definitely treated to a great dawn!

Jackie and Deanna checking to see if we were going in the right direction to the tower.

Can't help taking a photo of the sky!

Jackie checking map again. She navigated us right and true.

Arrival at the fire tower. Full moon in background.

 Top of tower, full moon!

Awaiting arrival of dawn at tower.

Deanna flashing her award-winning smile!

Here comes the sun! A new day.

More sun.

Jackie in front of the sunrise.

A great pic of the motley crew at the top of the tower.

Beautiful picture getting down the tower after sunrise.

Some hair-raising photos of the descent.


Yeah, it was cold up there.

I'm coming down!

Leaving the fire tower

Final arrival at the trailhead. 16 miles done, 15,000 feet of elevation change. Time to get to the diner and eat a well deserved breakfast!

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