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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Week To Step Back into Triathlon Training

I love triathlon training!

Me in last year's Staten Island Triathlon in August (9th overall, 2nd in age group)

I'm in the middle of that group of insane triathletes trying to sink a platform at Ironman Canada. Swimming can be fun also. :-)

After a tiring 22 mile run up and down rock strewn steeps on the Appalachian trail yesterday and a longish run today, I can slip my body back into the other two disciplines to change it up so that I can give my tired running muscles a rest.

Those people who only run for fitness would either have to back off a bit or keep the running ramped up and risk injury.

The plan this week is to do about 10,000 meters of swimming this week, with some intense sets such as my 2 mile non-stop swim and some 200 meter Individual Medleys (IMs) with only 20 seconds of rest in between the IMs. On the cycling front, I will be doing a nice long 60 mile ride in NJ.

This swimming and cycling stuff is kind on the legs, but they do wallop my cardiovascular system!

Because of that very reason, the swimming and cycling will play a HUGE part in the days between the Grand Slam races, being very gentle with my legs while keeping the body primed and ready for the next 100 miler.

After this week, I will be back to my running form again, doing the Raritan Valley Road Runners "Train"ing run, going the whole length again for 34 miles. Gotta watch out though...these guys go at an 8:30 min/mile pace, so there is some speed involved.

The following week will be my last long run, going back to the Apalachain Trail with some of the NY Flyers and the NY Trail and Ultra Group near Pawling, NY for an out-and-back of over 20 miles. Since it would be only 3 weeks to go, I will be taking it quite easy and letting the "speedsters" go off to parts unknown for longer distances.

After that, the work is done! Whew! I can't believe it's almost over.

In summary, I think this spring utterly transformed me in many ways, but, that will be addressed in a future post. :-)

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