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Friday, May 17, 2013

My Weekend Plan - Running 44 Miles on the Appalachian Trail

I know it's getting close to the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning when I'm regularly planning these long, long trail runs in an isolated area somewhere!

Well, this one is going to be a bit of an experiment. And a bit of risk.

Here goes...there is a 42 mile stretch of Appalachian Trail that spans between two train stations of Metro North I will be dropping off at the Manitou Train Station close to the Bear Mountain Bridge, find my way about a mile or so onto the Appalachian Trail, and there I run/hike all the way to the Appalachian Train Station near Pawling, where I hope aboard back onto the City.

The map of the route going from the Hudson to Pawling NY.

The times are quite critical - if the train is on time, I'll be at Manitou at 8:49AM ready to rock-and-roll.

The schedules for pick-up at Appalachian Trail are either 4:44PM or 6:39PM depending on how fast I arrive. The risk is that I must make the Appalachian Trail Train Station at 6:39PM or I'll be stranded for the night.

Arriving at the trail station at 4:44PM will give me 7 hours and 55 minutes of hike time. This would leave me at an aggressive 11:05 min/mile pace to make this train. That's going to be a humdinger of a run! I might set out at that pace and see how far I get with it though.

The later time, 6:39PM, will give me 9 hours and 50 minutes of hike time. This would leave me at a much more leisurely pace of 14 min/mile pace to make this later train. I *should* be able to make this pace above all else.

But it's a long run, and there is always a risk that I might not make both trains at all if I develop complications during the run.

If that's the case, I can run the extra 2 miles to Pawling itself and stay there for the night. I hope that's not the case though.

The idea here is to get as many miles as I can on my legs tomorrow. But, the other significant aim is to have fun exploring trails in my area that I've never done before.

And fun is why I keep running. If this wasn't any fun I would never do this ultrarunning thing at all. :-)

If anyone else wants to come, let me know. In the meantime, wish me luck tomorrow! :-)

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