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Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 Barkley Marathons - We Really Have No Excuse Not To Train!

At the point of this writing, we officially have 2 finishers of the incredibly insane Barkley Marathons. The weather was a real decisive factor this year, with cold rain saturating the runners the first night. Most of the carnage happened that night, and toward the end of day 2, only 2 runners were left to do the 4th and 5th loops.

From @Barkley2011FH - Thanks for posting. Travis Wildeboer handing in his pages the 5th and final time for the finish.

So, with these two badasses handling the weather and the course, where were you this weekend?

I know that some of you won't go outside because it might be chilly, or it's windy, or maybe it's snowing like hell out, but I continually see people like the one above putting all of us mortals to shame.

Yeah, I've been known to skip a workout because I'm a bit tired, so I fall into this category also, and I'm consistently humbled by other people who can brave the worst. Yet they continue to put one step in front of another, get to the finish line, and show us how it's really done.

So those of you who stay on the treadmill during the winters, wish the water in the pool or the beach warmer so that they don't have to feel the chill the moment they are getting in, wish it was less windy so that they don't have to struggle to keep the bike straight, I now present to you Nick Hollon and Travis Wildeboer, the 2 finishers of the 2013 Barkley Marathons. I don't think they will bother listening to our excuses we make for ourselves.

So get out there and train! I know I am. :-)

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