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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Availability 4-29 / Grand Slam Thoughts 9 Weeks Out

One of the things I would like to establish with my athletes is a schedule of sorts so that I can become more available for joint training. This way, we can communicate more often, face-to-face instead of over an impersonal electronic medium.

What you, the athlete, can do is take a look at my available training times and call or email me if you want to train at the same time. I think it makes for a more personal experience.

Anyway, here goes.

Monday April 29, morning run to 8 miles, 7AM - 11AM - location flexible.

Thursday May 2, run or ride, 8AM - 2PM - location flexible (if ride, preferably at Great Kills Park).

Sunday May 5, run or ride (or brick) - mornings from 8AM - 10AM.

As I keep stating, I'm a personal coach, not an online coach. Communication is always key here, and if you want to talk about my coaching strategy for your races, or maybe just talk about coaching philosophy in general, these would be a great time to do it!

All you need to do is contact me with a specific time and location within the ranges I specified above, and I'll be there!


It is now exactly 9 more weeks until Western States. That's 63 days!

My schedule leading up to the first race of the Grand Slam is loaded with tons of mileage. Running, cycling, and swimming mileage.

I do approach these ultramarathons as  if they are triathlons, because with me, time has proven itself again and again that I am at my strongest for any race when I incorporate the more balanced triathlon training regimen into my schedule.

So tonight I travel to Mt. Beacon. Next week, I'll be the rear sweep for the North Face Bear Mountain 50k race. The following week, I'll be racing the Long Island Greenbelt 50k. The week after that I'll be doing a 2 day Appalachian Trail hike that should total around 100 miles.

Two weeks after the Appalachian Trail hike will be my last long run of the training, doing 34 miles on the Delaware and Raritan River Towpath with the Raritan Valley Road Runners.

Four weeks after the Towpath Run, I'm in Squaw Valley, toeing the start line at Western States.

My schedule has become frightening short my friends! I am not sure what am I to become during the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning quest, but I am definitely training my mind to expect the unexpected, and expect some truly hellish moments that I will need to calm myself out of. Each of these 100 mile races is a  huge trial in and of itself. To do 4 of them in 10 weeks? I still can't imagine it.

Well, I will definitely communicate to the 25 others who are attempting this feat also. Maybe with each other's support we can get us through the four races. I think we all need every bit of support we can get.

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