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Friday, April 26, 2013

Here Comes Another Mt. Beacon Adventure - At Night!!!

I am about to embark on another adventure!

A couple of the NYC area's finest ultra ladies, Deanna and Jacqueline (who is also attempting the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning this year), have invited me along with others crazy enough to do this, on an overnight trip to do mountain repeats at Mt. Beacon in the Hudson Valley. I will be taking the trip up after fulfilling my High Rock Challenge volunteer duty on Saturday.

This is what is left of the incline railroad that goes to the top of Mt. Beacon. The trail meanders around this path, going up 1000 feet in nearly a mile. Perfect for mountain repeats. At night though? Yikes!

I went to this climb about a month ago, and the climb nearly knocked my socks off.

And now I go tomorrow night. Headlamp on, and limited vision. Up and down and up and down until dawn. With people who can do this as easy as doing a walk in the park. I'm in for it now!

It's not the uphill climb that Iam worried about with these talented athletes. I think I can now climb hills with some of the best in the area now.

It's going downhill that worries me.

These best ultra-athletes can fly down the hill! Even with a hill as technical as Mt. Beacon. I just have this sinking feeling that they are going to have to wait a little at the bottom as I get my slow butt down the mountain without killing myself.

And at night? I must have some sort of death wish, lol.

These people are going to push me to the brink of exhaustion Saturday night. In other words, this is definitely the best ultra-training that I'll be doing in prep for this summer. With athletes that can really push me to go farther. This is the reason I couldn't turn this opportunity down.

The steps at the bottom leading to the lower switchbacks of the Mt. beacon trail.

The trail is VERY technical. Going uphill isn't going to be my problem here. It's going downhill. I'll be with company who can fly down these things. I'm a dead man. ;-)

The switchbacks at the lower end of the trail. Ouch.

People can actually FLY down this? I can pick my way across at a moderate speed, but not at a suicidal dive-bomber rate. I'll leave that to the ladies, lol.

I guess it's time to buckle my seatbelt. I hope to get a  good nap in after volunteering at High Rock, because I'm definitely going to need it afterwards.

I'll let you know whether I survive or not.

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