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Sunday, February 28, 2021

What is Life Without Risks? A Message to Those Overcome With Fear in the Covid Age

I still see so many people in this country (USA) willfully locked down since early last year. It is a shame that they have allowed fear to overrule their judgement and critical thinking processes.

And I'm talking about healthy, younger people here, not the ones that are old and frail.

I recently took a trip to Aruba. My aging parents (79 and 72 years old) have a timeshare down there and booked airline tickets early after I made an initial analysis of the #Covid19 situation. And they invited me to come, in which I said yes.

Living the life in Aruba

For a short background, I have been a scientist of a consumer products company with exposure to the FDA for 12 years before I became a coach, so statistics and analytical reasoning is my strength. I'm not "blowing this out of my ass" like some people claim when I tell them that the #Pandemic is overblown.

Everything evolves around the CDC figures. Namely, 99.8% of the people survive this virus if infected. For my parents, 94.6% of those 70+ years old survive the virus.

And of those people who were hospitalized, 80% of the people are severely deficient in Vitamin D!

My parents aren't the fittest of the bunch but I told them this information back in May and left it up to them to decide what to do, stay shut in or have a life. They decided to take the risk and have a life. They were also placed on a steady Vitamin D, C, Zinc, Mg, and multivitamin regimen 6 days per week to keep the immunity levels up. Link: Vitamin D as treatment for Covid reduces death by 60%

My mother did contract #Covid through a friend in August. She was sidelined for 2 days but she pulled through just fine. I am convinced that her strong immune system with the regimen helped tremendously. She only had a bit of a problem with taste and smell for a couple of months afterwards, but otherwise she was fine.

There is also a greater issue at play here, one that touches on our humanity. We are social creatures, we intermingle with people, get a sense of belonging, we're outside a lot. This is who we as humans are. And in order to have a rich and fulfilling life, some risks *have* to be taken! We get in our cars knowing that we can be hurt or killed in a car accident, but the freedom to get to another place efficiently makes that risk worthwhile.

My parents are living the remaining part of their lives up to the fullest. They went to Aruba for 2 weeks. Seeing that I'll be going to Ironman Florida 70.3 in April and that we have relatives there, my parents started booking tickets to Florida at the same time to visit them.

I truly feel sorry for those people holed up in their homes since last April or May overcome with fear. Message for those people: if you don't take risks, you're not going to *have* a life!

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