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Sunday, October 27, 2019

East Brunswick 12K Race!

I must admit, I had flashbacks of Ironman Ireland in the race this morning, with the heavy rain at the East Brunswick 12K race.

Luckily, temps were in the 70s this time, not the 40s. It's a bit of a difference.
I kept it reasonable today, opting not to try for an all out assault on the course. It turned out to be a tempo run at a 7:10 pace (officially they have me at 7:26 pace, but my GPS found the course to be 0.2 miles long).

Ran with Mark Hinkeldey also for the entire race; he was having fun. He's doing a 24 hour race at One Day in two weeks, so he's well into his taper. My prediction is that he will get 100 miles in and get that belt buckle.
Oops, better make that 101 miles. That belt buckle says so. That extra lap is going to suck. Sorry Mark. 🤣

Congratulations to the RDs and the volunteers at #RVRR for successfully organizing the race. Willing to run this again next year.

Hopefully without the rain. 🤠

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