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Sunday, October 20, 2019

2019 Big's Ultra!

The Race: Big Dog's Backyard Ultra

Distance: 4.16667 mile loop

Goal: To finish the loop under 1 hour and get to the starting corral again to start the next loop. If the runner doesn't make it to the starting corral, he or she is out. The race continues every hour until there is one person left standing.
It's a very simple, but very cruel concept. It's quite easy to run a 14 minute mile to complete the loop in under an hour. But spread it out over 60+ hours, and that's where the cruelty comes in. Ouch!

Last year's winner: Johan Steene outlasted Courtney Dauwalter after 67 laps (280 miles!).

The 2019 race is happening now; as of this post, the runners are on their 29th lap, or 29th hour. It'll be interesting to see who the last person standing will be this year.

You can follow the results at the link here:

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