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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

True Health Involves A Bit Of Work To Build A Strong Body, Not A Doughnut and A Needle

Never take the easy road, that way lies oblivion.

Hard way: 1 hour of exercise and a good diet.
Easy way: 1 hour of TV and snake oil in a needle.

The real pandemic is the overall behavior of people who seem to think that they can take the easy way out all the time and think that they will benefit in the end. Unfortunately, we have a generation of people who have taken that easy road, have developed health complications and are a high risk of viruses, and think that the easy way out in taking a chemical injection will solve this problem.

It won't. You need to wake up now before it's too late.

Some good old fashioned work and health consciousness will defeat viruses. Plus, you'll look good, feel confident, perform daily tasks better, and have a good chance of living a long life. Even if you start in your 60s and 70s, you can, for a good number of you anyway, can reverse the effects of poor health.

1 hour of television, eating two free doughnuts each day, weighing 300 pounds, and waiting for a savior in a needle has never been a model for health. Don't expect the "easy way" to prolong your health and improve your performance and confidence.

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