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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Compliance to Mandates is THE WORST Decision To Make!

When I was done with my swim workout today, I talked to another swimmer at the side of the pool about the mandate she is facing in order to keep her teaching job.

She says she is probably going to relent and get the "science juice." I told her that compliance is not going to be the end of this, especially when boosters and the new "mu variant" (yeah, this is actually true, incredulously) are in the news lately.

So if she complies, then what? In 6 months, she'll be forced to have to make the same decision again, get the booster or leave the job...and another booster, and another. And one every month, and then an experimental new and very risky drug, and then...

She'll be the one going through all sorts of hoops here to stick to her "normal" life. Those who bow out will find it tough initially, but would eventually found a way to live outside these restrictions.

And the more people that bow out, the easier it would be to push back against this craziness.

She nodded her head and agreed with me, but was it enough to sway her? I doubt it. I think some people need to experience more of this craziness before they finally had enough. Those are the people who will find it the hardest to leave (and will maybe become permanent slaves to the system).

It's better to stick to your convictions and take your lumps now than try to comply and find it impossible to life life as a free person later.

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