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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Horsie Medicine...And Who Is Really Informed

The media starts to mock Joe Rogan because he came down with the coof. "Oh look, he's criticized the "science juice" and now he came down with the coof." The media was immediately silenced when he posted a video all recovered and looking great. Why? Because he said he took the Imectn (you know what it is, I'll call it horsie medicine) and posted a negative test just 3 days after the positive test.

Some of the media also started foaming at the mouth and criticized him AGAIN for using a "dangerous drug not approved by the FDA for use with the coof."

The media tries to paint those who don't want the frankenshot as "uninformed and uneducated", but nothing can be further than the truth. We are very careful of what goes into our bodies, and are very critical of anyone who wants to put a foreign substance into it.

Big Pharma and government doesn't want to inform us, so we are perfectly capable of gathering the information ourselves, and this is especially important when it comes to our most prized possession, our bodies.

Again, I emphasize that true #health is to make sure we are very fit through diet and exercise. This virus is no exception, and there is a lot of evidence that it mostly goes after the old and the unhealthy. Turn your body into a fortress and you have a great chance to fend off this and any other virus (mu, xi, ligma? lol) that comes down the pike.

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