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Saturday, March 13, 2021

About That Jab: I'm Not Responsible For Your Health. That Was Always YOUR Responsibility

 So, I'm supposed to take the #vaccine if I care about other people.

A recent Forbes article says that 8 in 10 people hospitalized with the #Covid19 #virus is overweight or obese.

They put themselves in that group because of POOR LIFE CHOICES. Apparently, our calls of practicing good diet and #exercise were lost on these people.

And now that their #health is failing, they demand us healthy people take an untested, experimental jab with who-knows-what in it so that they feel safe.

Sorry. For YEARS we Personal Trainers have warned you of the consequences of eating too much fast food, not exercising at all, allowing yourself to tip the scales at 300+ pounds.

So no, your health is not our responsibility. It was always yours.

You can still take personal responsibility and take care of your health. It's never too late.

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