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Friday, January 25, 2019

Frosty Fat Sass Strategy

My first race of 2019 is upon me. It comes in the form of a 3 hour trail run, called the Frosty Fat Sass.

As you can see, it's a free race. We just have to contribute food for the aid station and donate a tidy amount to the park's conservancy, which I feel is a great deal!

I've done this race last year, but I only did the 5k version since I had the Rocky Raccoon 100 the following week. Since I have no Rocky Raccoon 100 this year, I'm free to up the distance a little, to 3 hours.

The course is a 5k loop at South Mountain Reservation, so we have to complete as many 5k loops as we can in the 3 hour time frame. if the conditions are okay, I should be able to make 6 laps, or 18.6 miles. These are trails, but they are not too technical, so I'm hoping I can cover each loop in 30 minutes. We did have rain yesterday, so it's a possibility that the conditions might be a little slower. I'll see when I get there.

My training has been very good of late, so I think I have those 6 laps in me. I know that might entail very little time at the aid station, but that's okay; I'll spend more time at the aid station once my 3 hours are up and the race is over.

I have a good amount of friends doing this race, so there is a lot of moral support. And I will be able to cheer on the friends running for 6 hours afterwards also!

Temperatures should be seasonably cool, so at least we have the weather in our favor. I want to rock this; wish me luck!

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