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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 - Strength Training Requirement for Athletes

Triathletes and runners need to be approached very differently in terms of strength training. I want to make sure people do understand what each needs and how both can go about training successfully.

Triathletes deal with three different disciplines. They swim and cycle as well as run. So they naturally do a great deal of cross-training for their workouts. What is even better for triathletes is that the swim and the bike are non-impact exercises. So a triathlete can really pour on the mileage in both the bike and the swim and not worry about "overuse" injuries. They also train more of their muscles, as well as train the same muscles in different ways. This leads to a more balanced regimen.

Runners, on the other hand, mostly train in only one discipline. And that discipline is of a high impact nature. So it is imperative that they need to complement their running with other forms of training to make sure all of their muscles, especially those of the core, are strong enough to tackle the miles on the run. This can done by either adopting the disciplines of the triathlete, the bike and the swim...or they adopt a core strength training program along with their running.

Triathletes also can benefit from a core strengthening program as well, but it's absolutely critical that runners adopt this program or they run the risk of getting injured. There are a number of good routines that runners can use on the website as well as plenty of other sources for core training and functional fitness. For 2019 I will be requiring all runners and some triathletes to get into a strength training program that works with their training. And all athletes who adopt me as a coach will *have to* show me their progress through the Training Tilt app. This is a requirement because I've seen a lot of people, near and far, knocked out by overuse injuries and I want to do my part in preventing these injuries from happening. This is absolutely mandatory as a condition of my coaching, so please, if I tell you that you need core strengthening, accept it as a fact that I do not want to see you sidelined at all.
Of course, if athletes have any questions about the strength training that they receive, go ahead and ask them. I'm always here to help. But please make the strength training as important as your running, because I will treat it the same way.

Here's to a healthy and injury-free 2019!

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