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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vermont Registration and Grand Slam Team Names

I just received my instructions from the Vermont 100 people on how to get into their race.

Vermont 100 Sub 24 hour buckle which I obtained this year.

 As I stated before, this is the first time the field has filled up this quickly for their race. Even the organizers couldn't believe it. As a result of this, they stated they will open their registration after the Western States lottery next year to keep it easy on the next batch of Grand Slam hopefuls.

As for now, they have spots reserved for the Slammers before they open up their waiting list, which is great.

With the Wasatch registration form out, the next thing to watch out for is the opening of Leadville on January 1.

So I'm a little bit poorer, but a little bit relieved that this hectic part of getting into the Slam is just about over.

Naming a team for the effort is the custom for Slammers. So, I thought up some names for the team:

Some potential team names...

Team Go Farther Sports/SIAC

Team Staten Island Recovery

Team Staten Island Resilience

And then the wacky alternatives (just joking, these will not be considered):

Team Off His Rocker

Team Beyond Ridiculous

Team Off His Medication

Team Stupid

Team Forrest Gump

I can think of more non-ethical names for the team, but I'll keep them off the list. :-)

And after settling on a name, I will seriously consider team uniforms. :-)

As for the team, I'm glad we already have a team assembled for some of these races. I had a great winning team in Vermont this past year; I am glad they have already offered to come again. What I might do is consider some generous discounts to my coaching services, classes, and lectures to those already on the team as well as those considering it. If you're interested in helping me do virtually the impossible in 2013, let me know. :-)

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