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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Unexplained...Part 3 (Last Part)

Two days ago I wrote about Wim Hof, who can withstand cold that can claim other people's lives. He says he has the ability to "turn on" his heating to the point where he is unharmed.

Yesterday I wrote about people with Savant syndrome, and the extraordinary talents these people have that science can explain.

Today, I want to stress that it doesn't take superhuman person or special people to tap this incredible potential that humans have.

Sometimes it takes some special circumstances to turn a "normal" human to a super human one. Like trying to save a loved one's life:

As Monhollen stood underneath the car, it began to wobble and then fell, trapping him.
The grandson said that’s when his instincts took over. Smith was able to lift the 2,000 pound car so his grandfather could slide out.
When it comes to how young Smith mustered the strength to lift up that vehicle, he says, “I have no clue, probably all the adrenaline.”
He said he doesn’t think he could do it right now. But his grandfather is grateful and expressing gratitude for his grandson’s herculean abilities.
The video is included with the article; it's interesting to watch.

So, the grandson was able to lift a 2000 pound car off his grandfather, probably saving his life.

We definitely have abilities we don't think we have.

And if you think it's just a strong guy that can do it, think again. How about this "skinny 22 year old woman" saving her father from the same fate?

All humans have amazing untapped abilities that they don't realize they have. Part of the reason why people don't realize their own superhuman abilities is that all of us, including me, unconsciously set up their own limitations It's kind of like setting up the walls to their own prison. And sometimes, society has a hand in imposing those limits on everyone also.

But most of the time most people are happy with their limitations, take the easy way out, and stay in their "comfort zone". Which will probably lead to an "average" life as an "average joe" with no real milestones to mark their lives.

Sorry to offend anyone, but it sounds like a real boring way to live.

The only way to untap your superhuman potential is to realize what limitations you've made on yourself, then exceed them. That is when you start to live your life to the fullest. Will you fail? Many times, but each time you fail gives you information on how to succeed the next time.

And when you actually do succeed? That is when you realize that nothing is impossible and set yourself out to push your limits back even further. Remember it's not the goals themselves, but the exciting journey toward those goals which matters the most.

Remember that when you feel you can't run another mile in a race, can't do another bench press rep, can't cycle up that last hill, or can't overtake the runner in front of you at the finish line. You have that potential in you!

Now get out there and see if you can make it happen!

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