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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Course Overview for Trail Running Technique and Conditioning Class

This is the course overview for the Trail Running Techniques and Conditioning Class for Trail and Road Races. Due to the Wolfes Challenge this Sunday, the first class will start Saturday at 9AM after the usual group run in High Rock Park, then will move to Sundays at 8:30AM.

The class has four 4 week segments, each costing $40. The first class is free, so come on down and ask questions. If interested, then the payment is due at the 2nd class. The first segment is technique oriented for those who are relatively new to trail running. The second segment focuses on building endurance. The third segment is building speed and focuses on the Cold Feat race. And the last segment is putting it all together, a strenuous 4 week conditioning stretch that will culminate at the Indian Trails race.

If you want to kick butt in 2013, this is the class to go to. :-)

Date Week # Subject Description
12/15/12 1 Basics of Running Trails Trail Blazes, Eye Orientation, Foot Landing, Knee Pickups, Short Easy Run on Rocky Ground, 4 mile run
12/23/12 2 Basics of Trail Hill Running Running, Running Uphill, Running Downhill 5 mile run
12/30/12 3 Distance Running Forgetting about Pace, “Time on Feet”, Expanding Endurance – 6-8 mile run
01/06/13 4 Endurance Running Keeping Focus, Improved Eye Orientation, Not Following Someone Ahead of you in races, 8 mile run
01/13/13 5 Increasing Stamina – Heavy Endurance A 10 mile run on easy to moderate trails with some rocks involved.
01/20/13 6 Mixing up Endurance and Speed Hill Fartleks. A longish run with an easy pace, but hard up hills. - 6 miles
01/27/13 7 Gaining Endurance;  Preview of  Running Fast An 8 mile endurance run with fast bursts of speed.
02/03/13 8 Peak Endurance Phase - Long Distance Running 10-15 mile endurance run. Bring water and energy with you.
02/10/13 9 Intro to Running Fast Balance, Hand-Eye Coordination, Short Bursts of Running at a Fast Pace on Technical Trails - A fast 6 miles
02/17/13 10 How to Go Fast on Technical and Hilly Trails Preview of Cold Feat Course – Fast but not Race Pace
02/23/13 11 Final Prep – Cold Feat Race Cold Feat Race. Meeting beforehand to discuss race strategy and tips.
03/03/13 12 Endurance – Kicking Butt 8 Mile Run on Difficult Technical Course
03/10/13 13 Putting it All Together 1 Pretty hard 5 mile run
03/17/13 14 Putting It All Together 2 Slightly hard 8 mile run
03/24/13 15 Putting It All Together 3 Tough Hill Training
03/31/13 16 Final Class – Taper for Indian Trails 15k Indian Trails 15k Race

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