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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Schedule of Events This Week...December 10-16

First I like to congratulate everyone who finished the Staten Island Trail Festival 10k, 25k, and 50k races. Although a bit sloppy and muddy the temps were perfect for this race.

The results of this race are posted here.

I also like to thank the Greenbelt Conservancy, Matt Lebow and his people, the National Guard, and everyone else who contributed to getting the trails cleaned up for the race. In a way, the trails look even better than before Hurricane Sandy hit.

That being said, it seems the Staten Island Advance again dropped the ball on publishing results of this race in a timely manner. Hopefully they will post results tomorrow.

Now for this week coming up. Yes, there will be a Wednesday Night Headlamp Run coming up, at 7PM in Willowbrook Park. Since most of us are in recovery mode, I only plan to do 5 miles at a nice, easy pace.

With the Wolfes Challenge being put into next Sunday, there are going to be some changes to next weekend's schedule.

I was supposed to hold the first class of "Excelling at Road and Trail Races Through Trail Running" class at 8:30 on Sunday, but the race has changed it for that weekend only.

The first class will be held this Saturday (December 15) at 9AM after the regular SIAC group run. It's only $40 every 4 weeks and you will get some great tips on how to run trails effectively and efficiently. It will also strengthen you up for the 2 races focused in this class, the Cold Feat 10k Trail Race, and the Indian Trails 15k Road Race. It will also get you ready for other races that you plan to do also, so it will be a great class to attend. A 4 mile run focusing on the basics will this weeks' agenda after the discussion.

That means that I will be leading the SIAC group run on Saturday at 8AM for about 5 miles only.

After this weekend, the class will revert back to Sundays at 8:30AM.


As for the future,  our siXac meeting for 2013 will be held at the Unicorn Diner on Victory Blvd on Thursday January 10. This will be an open meeting, meaning if you are interested in submitting a race for consideration for a strong siXac showing, you can let me know from now until the meeting itself. Don't be shy; make a list of races and come to the meeting. :-)

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