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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thoughts - March 23 - Spring Snow; Touring Setup for Triple Ironman

What a BEE_YOOTIFUL spring day.

Yeah, right. That is if you're a polar bear that is.

Or a Canadian.

Last week, we saw the last of winter. That was accompanied by 70 degree temperatures, running in a singlet and shorts, and a great feeling to be outside again.

Monday was the first day of spring. And we get...sleet and ice.

Today? Snow. Enough to cover the cars.

Nature can be a cruel joker sometimes.

Monday's run was a surprise as I braved the cold wind and the sleet for 5 miles. And  I luckily saw the weather predictions for this morning, or else I was going to have to run for 15 miles in this muck. No thanks.

Instead, I moved that run up to yesterday morning instead, and it was a great choice indeed. I had a nice clear day in the mid 40s, which is perfect for a long run. 

It also allowed me to stay indoors in the pool and the bike today, leaving nature and its cruel jokes outside, where I am not.

Still, tomorrow morning is still supposed to be cold and perhaps snowy. I do have a run tomorrow, so maybe I might have to venture out in this wintry crud again.

If so, I'll gut it out like I've been doing all winter.


I think I had some nightmares last night about the Triple Ironman. It was about the 336 miles on the bike.

That's a lot of mileage. That's more mileage than going from New York City to Washington DC. That's about as much mileage as going to Montreal from New York City.

The nightmare included huge back spasms and nasty saddle sores as I finished the bike, not to mention other things.

Well, whatever this nightmare was, it definitely gave me a warning. If I am ever to even think about attempting this, I'm going to have to refit my bike in more a touring setup than a racing setup. That means a nice, cushy saddle for a comfortable ride, a different angle of my handlebars so that I'm a bit more upright (and thus comfortable) when I ride.

The overall theme is sacrificing a little aerodynamics for comfort.

The most I ever did was 130 miles on a bike and I found it very uncomfortable on a triathlon racing setup. For me to endure 336 miles on a bike, my bike had better be comfortable!

I'll be looking at some of the touring bikes and their setups for pointers in the near future.


The Greenbelt Trail Runs will be on at 8AM this Saturday, although I will not be leading this weekend (I'll be at the Chimney Rock 5 Mile Trail Race). There is also a Trail Maintenance Workshop from 10am to 3pm offered in the Greenbelt by the NY/NJ Trail Conference.

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