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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thoughts - March 22 - A Triple Ironman?!!

So yesterday, I was sending in some payments to races in the near future like the Chimney Rock Trail Run and the Indian Trails 15k race. Since the Virginia Double Ironman this fall is now a definite, I was ready to send in payment to that too.

Then I paused.

Their information webpage has their double ironman as $425. Their TRIPLE ironman costs $575.

Only $150 more to tack on another Ironman. Hmmm...

So here I am. Should I just throw caution into the wind and sign up for the triple, knowing full well that I actually have to DO it this October?

I mean, what would it feel like finishing a 336 mile bike ride only to have 78 miles of running staring me in the face?

One person I know said that the only way to play is on the edge. He could be right. But how far is the edge now?

I thought at one time that the edge was doing the Ironman. I was wrong. I then thought by going beyond the marathon into ultras that I'd find the edge.

I've completed my first 100 miler and believe me, it definitely felt like playing on the edge. But is this really true?

A Triple Ironman: 336 miles on the bike. Jeez, that is about 20+ hours in the saddle. Wow. Then topping off with 78.6 miles of running? 

This is just too rich.

Yet it beckons. Just like the Ironman did 15 years ago. Just like the 100 mile ultra did 2 years ago. And I heeded the call.

I guess if I am to ever truly find out what my physical and mental limits are, then the only way to play IS on the edge.

Still, I have to temper it with rationale. After two 100 mile races this year, would it be practical to aim high this year? Or should I stay with the Double Ironman this year and upgrade to the triple next year when I can probably train more properly for it?

These are the questions I have to answer. Either way, I'll be there in Virginia this October testing my limits.


Saturday is my participation in the Chimney Rock 5 Mile Trail Run. Anyone who wants to carpool to NJ to do this race can notify me. It's supposed to be a real challenging race, so leave your excuses at home.

Sunday I'll be doing a long run in the beautiful Cheesequake State Park (Green Trail shown). I haven't been there since last fall, so it's high time I pay the park a little visit. Anyone who wants to run long (15-20 miles) can come on down. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you the details and the exact times.

April 3 is the challenging Indian Trails 15k race. I will be attending. I know some people on Staten Island who are coming down to the race. Those runners on Staten Island will be further treated to the fact that some of the best runners in NJ will be attending the race since it is a USATF-NJ championship to them. So competition will definitely be high. Again, carpools are welcome.. Let me know if interested.

As for the Greenbelt group runs (High Rock challenge), there will be a group at 8AM this Saturday. I won't be there but another person will lead the group into the woods. Come on down to the parking lot at High Rock (end of Nevada Ave.).

Last thing. It's a beautiful day today. Get out there and enjoy a nice run today. Because tomorrow it'll be really lousy.

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