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Monday, March 14, 2011

Thoughts - March 14 - Tsunami Coverage, Bad Soda, and the Greenbelt Trail Runs

First post of the new week this week, and a lot to tell.

First and foremost, my prayers go out to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Sources indicate that there is a lot more trouble to come with their nuclear reactor plants, and that there are already multiple meltdowns occurring there.

Here is incredible video of the impact of the tsunami on a personal level. I haven't seen this shown in the mainstream media yet:

Somehow the mainstream media is trying to sanitize this, but the alternate media on the web and on Twitter have been showing the real deal.

I've gotten a ton more more pictures and information from alternate media sources like Al Jazeera, Zerohedge, and Russia Today than CNN, NBC, or ABC.

I guess the mainstream media is so used to lying on a regular basis that they can't help stop the lying.

The truth might hurt, but telling the truth goes a long way in restoring peoples' trust in their media. That's a simple but important fact and one that the mainstream media should understand.


Last week was a week of perseverance. Despite the bad toothache I still was able to run. It served a great purpose in that the running masked the pain, but it was bad that it hurt like the dickens after the run.

Basically I had to have not one but two teeth refilled. There was decay happening under the old fillings.

How does that happen? My dentist said one word and that got my attention. And that word is SODA!!!

I've always understood soda to be a very dangerous drink in various ways. Damage to the teeth is one such danger.

The sugar and the acidic pH (around 2) provides a double whammy to the teeth. Since this is also in liquid form, it can penetrate into all vulnerable areas of the teeth, including under the fillings! No other food really decays teeth as effectively as soda.

The problem is, I do tend to drink too much of the stuff. I admit it is a weakness; one that I was trying to avoid facing.

Well, this weekend, one of the dangers of soda just slammed that point home, big time, and it's probably giving me the willpower to stop drinking the stuff cold turkey.

One of the other dangers of soda is that it is made with High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), another nasty ingredient that everyone needs to avoid. 

But avoiding High Fructose Corn Syrup (or "corn sugar") is going to be a tougher thing to avoid.

You see, I figure about 75% of all the foods in your normal supermarket are made with the stuff. Therefore, avoiding HFCS needs to be consciously done every time I shop.

Oh, which brings up another thing...fluoridation. Despite the common belief that fluoridation helps your teeth, there is a growing amount of factual evidence to the contrary.

Fluoride was once considered a rat poison about a century ago. Why a rat poison would be now beneficial to ones health mystifies me.

So now I am exploring options to try to de-fluoridate my water, as well as use a fluoride-free toothpaste to brush my teeth.

You just might want to do the same thing also.


The Staten Island Athletic Club (SIAC), New York Adventure Racing Association (NYARA), and the Greenbelt Conservancy are teaming together to promote trail running in this area. As a result, I will be leading most of the weekly trail runs to help out people who want to do the High Rock Challenge on April 30.

Saturday was the first run in the Greenbelt and we had a small group of cheerful ladies running the trails for their first time. I hope to see more people next Saturday.

If you're interested, come on down to the High Rock parking lot this Saturday (March 19) at 8AM. The parking lot is located at the end of Nevada Avenue, which is off of Rockland Ave.

The calendar on the side of this blog will show the remaining trail runs in the Greenbelt leading to the High Rock Challenge.

Come on down! The more the merrier.

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