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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thoughts - March 17 - SI Advance Interview, Warm Weather!!!

To be honest, I'm not very good when it comes to interviews, especially over the phone.

The Staten Island Advance interviewed me at noon today about the group trail runs for the High Rock Challenge on April 30. While I think most of it went OK, my mind did draw a blank on a good part of it.

Although I can blame the fact that I was away doing some work at the time of the phone call, I think I can really pin it on my Italian heritage. When I talk, it's not my mouth that does the talking, it's my whole body.

The typical Italian always uses his eyes, arms, and body movement to convey what he means. These gestures always seem to drive the point home for me when I talk. 

Although I love the practice of the gesture, it doesn't really work over the phone. It can only be limited to the voice. No gestures allowed.

The person who invented the phone really didn't have Italians in mind, didn't he?

When it came to how to properly run the trails, my words just...stopped. How can I describe how to properly run up a steep hill on so many words without my showing it to people? Pictures are worth more than a thousand words, right?

The poor journalist who interviewed me has her work cut out for her. She's going to have to really pull out my stammering and the useless phrases out to get to the gist of what I was saying. I definitely apologize to her for that.

We'll just see how the final article comes out tomorrow.


It is a beautiful day for a run. If you haven't done so, get out there. NOW! The shorts and the singlets are back in style again, baby!

I ran 15 glorious miles this morning for the first time in a singlet and shorts and I'm aching for more!

I'm ready to put the winter running clothes away. Even if only for a few days (the weather does cool back down in several days).

And tomorrow promises milder temperatures. I might go out for a long run tomorrow like I did today.

Saturday will be the group trail run at the Greenbelt. Hopefully the weather will bring a lot of people out this week.

Until then, get outside while you can. You won't regret it.

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