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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Staten Island Triathlon. We Actually Had A Race in NYC.

Pictures from the Staten Island Triathlon...we actually had a race in #NYC this morning!

The key to signing up for races in this area is that the races have to be small. This race probably had a total of 200 competitors.

Start of the Staten Island Triathlon.

Start of the Staten Island Duathlon

Some competitors on the bike portion

Staten Island Resident Chris Calimano coming in to the finish to with the Duathlon.

The weather was rainy for the morning, but it gradually cleared up. The roads were still slick, and I witnessed a woman slide on her bike and go down hard. She was able to continue with her race, but I positioned myself ahead of the turn afterwards to shout to the competitors to slow down for that turn. I'm glad nobody fell on that turn again.

As I mentioned before, it's preferential to sign up for smaller races in these parts. The large races, with all that is going on, can either be cancelled or the athletes made to go through Covid protocols in order to participate. Ironman Lake Placid and Ironman Maryland have such protocols, and I was lucky not to have chosen these races to defer to when Ironman Maryland was cancelled last year (did Ironman Coeur D'Alene instead).

So it was a good day for the athletes here, including a good group of friends I know who finished strong.


P.S. Go Farther Sports athlete Jess C. finished the USA Triathlon National Champs around 3:07. This was her first one. Congrats to her. If I can pull up some pictures of her from the race or even some live videos, I'll post them here. It's definitely worth it.

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