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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

NJ Marathon Cancelled (No Surprise) - How To Plan Races Amid Uncertainty

The New Jersey #Marathon got cancelled yesterday. This was after it got postponed from its original date in April to October.

And those who registered will only get 60% of their entry fee back. Ouch.

I did predict that large races in the Northeast and on the coasts will be very iffy. An athlete client of mine was very grateful that I steered her out of doing this race. She's doing a smaller one in West Virginia instead, which is much more likely to happen.

In these uncertain times, there are ways to schedule your race season around all this uncertainty and do well. I was happy that, when Ironman Maryland cancelled last year, I was able to defer to Ironman Coeur D'Alene (Idaho, which is a red state). The race happened in June and I was successful in both planning and completing the race.

Even then, with every hotel and airfare purchase I made for the trip, I definitely reviewed their refund policies and made sure I minimized my losses in case I had to cancel the trip.

If you need some tips in scheduling your races, whether you're in the urban environment of New York, or in the Georgia countryside, we can help. This is on top of all that kickass training you need to get to the finish line of those planned races!

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