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Friday, August 6, 2021

"No Frankenshot, no Partaking In "Clown World Society?" No Thanks, I'm Opting Out! A Message of Health to Young People

On my 5 mile run this morning, I was deep in thought about #NYC and their "mandate" to keep everyone out of bars and gyms who doesn't take their frankenshot.

Basically their end game is to exclude those who refuse their "medicine" from society.

Well let's take a look at society the past 5 years. Clown world. A society run by feelings instead of logic. And if you throw a logical question their way, they scream, throw a tantrum, and attempt to silence you. Want to still be a part of this?

Looking deeper, this society has no more "upward mobility." Back in the 1980s, when I entered the workforce, people busted their butt because there was a chance to get rich and be well off. Tuition was reasonable, house prices were a lot more affordable, and the dollar held value. Now? The dollar is being printed to oblivion, pricing the normal person out of things that would make him or her better off.

Do an internet search on "fractional reserve" and "central banks" and see how far down the rabbit hole you can go. End game is that the government can print unlimited amounts of money, give it to their cronies (Big Tech, Pharma, etc) and can price the normal person out of their possessions.

So, is contributing to this crazy society still worth risky "medicine" in the arm?

To you young people out there, I understand you already know it's bad. A lot of you are settling for video games. Yes, it's not worth the effort. You don't have to take a risky frankenshot to partake in this crumbling society.

But stand tall. When they finally kick you out of society, say, "thank you."

Young people, as well as other people in the know, will be called on to rebuild another society from the ashes of this one. Take care of yourselves by staying in shape (which I always stress and help out with as a personal trainer and coach) and divesting your savings out of the centralized currencies (dollar, euro, etc) and into tangible assets and decentralized currencies so that they cannot directly steal your hard-earned work.

And please don't be pressured to take "medicine" you don't want. This current Clown World society isn't worth the risk.

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