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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Without Conspiracy Theories, Why I'm Not Taking the Covid Vaccine

 I'm an Individualist & libertarian, so I won't be forcing anyone to not take the #vaccine.


The choice is ultimately up to you.

The other side, however, will be forcing the issue, & will be using HEAVY psychology, aimed at "conspiracy theories"; 5G, nanobots, depopulation, etc.

If you have a talk with a doctor, or even a friend, best not go there. Instead, I use hard data from the #cdc itself to justify not getting the it.

First, the 0.02% fatality rate is a good start. Even healthy 70 yr olds have a 95% survival rate!

Second, health is a huge factor (2.6 avg co-morbidities, CDC data). I'm in great health.

Third, I feel the #vaccines are more risky than the #virus itself. They have no long term data, in which #BigPharma admits to, especially when they are immune from liability.

Last, the "do it for others" argument. Most people at high risk are in poor health. Most of them never did ANYTHING for their health. No exercise, lots of fast food, no personal responsibility, and now they want me to "take the hit" for them? Nope!

Listen, if it comes down to "herd immunity", I'll be more than willing to help there. Just put me in the same room as an infected individual, I'll then self-isolate for several days and I'll get immunity that way. Problem solved.

But if you're going to try to force or coerce me into taking a vaccine with no long term data, then I have a big problem with that. A very big problem.

I sure hope we don't get to that scenario.

#novaccineforme #pandemic #covid19

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