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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Small Business Owners - It's Time To Be Strong And Defy The Lockdowns

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According to a survey by the New York State Restaurant Association, more than half of the restaurants are in danger of closing.

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If you own a restaurant, a gym, a salon, or other business that is deemed "non-essential" by your mayor or governor, it's past time for us to band together, do the bold thing, and just open up.

It is not the governor's authority to tell you to shut down your business. It is not the governor or mayor's authority to make law. That rests with the legislatures of each state and locality. Governors and mayors are executives and under the constitution, they only CARRY OUT the law, not make them.

Here is a video by the Peggy Hall, the Healthy American about government's limited role under the Constitution and your rights. Please Listen to her!!! Link:

It's time to act. It's either push back or be in ruin. You need to decide, now!

Referenced: Atilla's Gym in NJ. The gym remains open in defiance of NJ Governor Murphy's unconstitutional orders. Yes, the gym has racked up over $1 million in fines, but the owners know the charges are illegal. They called the governor's bluff on this, they know their rights, and they're forging ahead. Murphy cannot do a damn thing! Good for them!

I am also a small business and even though I have no gym, my business is adversely affected by the lockdowns (races are cancelled, gyms I associate with are closed, etc) and do seek to end the restrictions of the state and local governments as well. I've had to make several major adjustments to keep my head above water, with remote training and programs aiming to get people fit to ward off a virus, or at least not worry about it much if infected.

I think it's better to team up together as one to oppose restrictions; if you need help or an just need an ear to talk to, let me know. Also subscribe and hit the notification button here since I'll be offering a lot more content on this topic, as well as how to keep physically fit during these uncertain times.

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