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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Northeast Snowstorm - December 17

Well, we were bound to get a snowstorm, right?

With the storm still raging and 8 inches of snow on the ground, I headed out for a nice little run.

Ready to go.


I don't regard winter as my favorite season, but sometimes I need to go out and play around in the snow. Not many runs are like this, so I want to get the best of the experience.


Running in the storm is fine if you put on the right choice of layers.


It can be dangerous out there, so I keep to 1.5 mile loops around the neighborhood. This way I'm always close to home and safety if I need it.

Here are some more photos.

Starting out.
What happened to the manhole cover?! Luckily there were warning signs around the huge hole in the road.


Enjoying some Christmas decorations on the house while I await a car to pass by.


There was amazingly some traffic on the road at 5:30AM.

The snow was falling pretty hard here, seeing the flakes in the lights.

Rounding the last corner to complete the first loop. The gas station was quiet at this point. On the third lap there were a couple of people trying to push a stuck car into the station.

Last photo as I complete the first loop. A Christmas tree on the left, some Hanukkah lights on the right.

Done! Well, not done. I got some shoveling to do.  That's my next workout.

Stay safe!

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