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Monday, November 30, 2020

The Future of Racing - If the Government Restrictions Continue, They Will Go Underground

While on the bike this AM I thought about what the future might hold for racing. It's an interesting one, but if onerous restrictions are going to be put in place for every running, #cycling, and triathlon out there, a fundamental change is going to take place.

What happened when onerous restrictions were put on alcohol?

What happened when onerous restrictions were placed on weed and drugs?

Guess what? Those things were obtained anyway. It just goes underground.

The Black Market has always been a counter to overbearing government restrictions and will eventually win out.

Some #running races have already done this. Look up Fat Ass races. Sounds funny, but these low profile races forego government permits & are free. The race directors will kindly ask for donations though.

#Triathlon is a bit more difficult to go underground, but it can & will happen also.

Government can never overcome the yearning of freedom.

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