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Sunday, November 15, 2020

 On "virtual" races for 2020 & beyond.

When this whole
#Covid19 thing started earlier this yr & races on my schedule started to get cancelled, I embraced the "virtual racing" trend that kept my motivation up.

I signed up for virtual #Ironman #triathlon races on the weekends & then entered the Great Virtual Race Across #Tennessee 1000K Run in which we had 4 months to do (I finished in 80 days).

During the 1000K, the momentum just fizzled out & it became a chore #running when I wanted to schedule other #fitness wkouts.

Once I was done with the 1000K, I decided "no more virtual races."

I still see offers for virtual races in my emails & I have to say no.

I'm all for real racing again. I'm the competitive sort. Real races push me to limits more than virtual races.

Lucky I deferred 2021 races in #Florida & #Idaho; where the restrictions are much less severe; these races might happen!

Red states will more likely offer real races.


(finish line of 2019 Ironman Ireland, which happened during my 50th Birthday. Finishing was the greatest birthday gift!)


P.S. I was asked on Parler where internationally races are most likely to happen. Here is my response...

Depends on the country. Very pessimistic about Western Europe, England, and Ireland. Eastern Europe might be a better bet; most of those countries had been under the Iron Curtain and a lot of those people still remember how life was under those terms. Poland, maybe some of the Balkan states, Armenia (with reservation since there's been tension with Turkey lately).

As for Asia... that's a tossup. There's been a lot of tension there and I would be apt to avoid right now. Latin America and Africa I don't have much research on. Australia and NZ avoid at all costs.

It's my opinion, so feel free to take or leave my advice. If you can get travel insurance that covers cancellation due to Covid, then that helps a lot.

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