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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Bad Times call for Strong People - Are You a Strong Person?

 Good times -->Weak People-->Bad Times-->Strong People-->Good Times

This is the cycle we are always on. We are now at the Weak People phase of our cycle, produced by our recent "Good Times" phase.

Now I understand the last 20-30 years might not feel like "Good Times" for some. But, to put it in perspective, we never had any real danger to our society and way of life since the Cold War. So in general, most of us have become soft and complacent.

We can't stop or reverse this cycle though. Trying to tell weak people to "man up" is trying to reverse time itself; it is impossible to do.

Instead, do all you can to prepare for the bad times instead. We're going to eventually have to deal with a lot of weak people that resulted from our Good Times.

As a matter of fact, we are dealing with them right now, with authoritarian lockdowns and restrictions. That is why the whole world is a mess right now.

What strong people and weak people typically are. If you are strong you need to get up and do the hard work yourself. Good things happen that way.

The ultimate goal is to chart a course through Bad Times so that you end up one of the Strong People that emerges. But you need to put in the work!

That means reducing your dependency on the system and making sure you are physically fit.

I'm in the process of doing just that. From being a Personal Trainer and Coach of a region to more of a a national one helping my fellow people out of bad situations.

All of us who's been financially and emotionally affected by lockdowns need to stick together.

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