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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Two New Toys for Core Strength Training for Runners and Triathetes

I'll be adding some new props to the strength and agility regimen for me and my athletes. Here are the two new toys that I ordered:

Speed Ladder

This baby is the gold standard in agility training for runners and especially trail runners and athletes. Trail runners need to respond quick to varying terrain; increased agility will help in that response quicker and more efficiently. For triathetes, agility is definitely needed the most in the bike portion, as they need to make sure their responses are quick (traffic, quickly approaching potholes, etc). Road runners can stand to benefit from agility too; aside from being more balanced in their running, should traffic suddenly come upon them or they land on a stray rock, at least their quicker response will help them avoid trouble and possible injury.

I'll be bring this ladder to Tuesday's track workout when I receive it later this week.

Weighted Bar (10 pounds)

So many exercises that one can do with this bar! Aside from helping strengthen the upper body, primarily my shoulders, this tool can also assist with squats and twists, lending great strength to the core muscles. I experimented with this bar yesterday and I broke a good sweat!

In the coming days I'll probably get more of these bars at different weights to add to my collection of pain.

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