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Monday, September 23, 2019

Having Self Doubt Is A Good Thing

"I'm not sure I belong in an Ironman triathlon."

"A hundred miles? Am I really capable of running this?"

"I don't know about this race. Everyone looks more experienced than me."

Self-doubt. It's healthy to have it. I admit that I still have a lot of self doubt with my abilities also, as a coach and an athlete. There are other coaches out there that have gone faster than I have, so sometimes self-doubt creeps in when I don't know all the answers.

Here's a video that talks about self-doubt. It's perfectly okay to have it. It's a healthy feeling to have and one most people have on their way to success, whether it's with sports or work or family.

Remember this when you are looking at goals for next year. Remember that, yes, you are capable of achieving those goals, provided that you work to attain them.

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